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Windows 7 virtualization & compatibility issues

By Healer ·
I had a few programs which worked fine and still work fine on the XP systems. However, they don't seem to work well on Windows 7, not on Vista either. I had supposed Windows compatibility allows programs of any age or perhaps as old as those for Windows 2000 to work on Windows 7. I had expected Windows 7 would have done a much better job than Vista in this respect but it didn't seem to be. Perhaps I have missed something.

Definitely drivers and the like can't be solved with the compatility feature that Windows offers. That would be the main sticking point for some people who want to use Windows 7. I hope the manufacturers will catch up quick. I couldn't get a compatible driver for my Samsung printer ML-1710. Now I don't know if I should keep the Windows 7 or there is a roundabout way to achieve it.

I am not too sure if virtualization could solve this problem either. My computer doesn't have a processor with virtualization hardware. I might have to use other virtualization software which doesn't require specific processor instead of Windows's. I am not too sure if Virtual PC 2007 will work on Windows 7 for I understand that Virtual 2007 does not require specific processor.

The release note on Virtual 2007 says no support for using a virtual hard disk linked to a physical hard disk. Does it mean one can't access data files on the physical disk from the virtual disk? If it does then how one could work on files on the physical disk with application on the virtual disk.

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