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    Windows 7 VPN Stability


    by glennww ·

    VPN Connects to remote network and stays connected for hours if I do not perform any function using the remote server.

    However if I browse files, use VNC to manage server etc. it works but after a few minutes the VPN shows status of “No network access” and all the remote functionality stops working.

    Searched net for solution but none appear to work so far.

    Any suggestions.
    I don’t belive it is anything to do with port forwarding or routers as functionality does work for a while i.e. it is not blocked.

    Client config:
    Windows 7
    VPN IPv4 with use default gateway on remote network disabled

    Remote Server (Windows 2003)
    Behind Netgear router/firewall

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      by glennww ·

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      "use default gateway on remote network disabled"

      by seanferd ·

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      You may need this to be enabled for the VPN connection.

      The connectivity issue could also be at the other end. As you say the connection is fine until you actually do anything inside the remote network, it could be a congestion or credential issue as well as a gateway issue. (You might be disconnected rather than seeing an error message returned.)

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      window 7 vpn file sharing

      by johnnyfreud786 ·

      In reply to Windows 7 VPN Stability

      Hi, I am a college intern working on a project and analyzing different interent protocols. I am using two windows 7 machines to setup a client and server through Window 7 VPN. I have managed to successfully connect from client to server. However how would I now share a file?

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