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Windows 7 vs Windows Vista

By Dr_T ·
I hope Windows 7 does not suffer from the same problems as Vista 64-bit premium Home ed, where, by just auto-updating, things like MSIE8 or media center, renders the machine unbootable and requires a restore to a prior system snapshot.

Incidentally, all the 'advanced' features available now in Windows 7, have been around several years ago in other systems....

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windows 7 vs windows vista

by danerd In reply to Windows 7 vs Windows Vist ...

hi dr t you realize that windows 7 IS vista 2

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personally speaking

by PurpleSkys In reply to windows 7 vs windows vis ...

win7 is what vista should have been...but that's just my personal opinion...and i really like win7 :)

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Vista or Vista Service Pack 2 (Win7)

by billwestrup In reply to Windows 7 vs Windows Vist ...

Microsoft refers to "Win7" as an incremental upgrade, internally.

Of course it will suffer from the same the same operating system, plus a service pack why wouldn't it?

You gotta give Microsoft credit for the creative ways they extract wealth from their victims! They role out a bloated dog and then use their major screw up as an excuse to charge full price, again, for Vista Service Pack 2. Totally Awesome!!!

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