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Windows 7 wifi non-connection

By cbx ·
I have a P5P77 LX motherboard, i5 650 processor,8 GB memory and have tried two different wifi USB adapters trying to access my Verison '5-spot' internet connection. Windows 7 Ultimate will acknowledge that something is in the USB port but each device's software fails to find any usuable device. I fought this for a couple months and finally took the devices to a friend's house and both devices and soft ware work fine on his computer. Please help, as w/o the internet this computer is just an over-priced game consel(sp).......sending this from wife's laptop.

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What OS is on your fiends computer?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Windows 7 wifi non-connec ...

With 7 it's not so much the actual drivers but the Hardware being compatible with 7. So if the Hardware isn't 7 Compatible the Software doesn't matter. :0

Also as this is a Question you should post it as a Question not a Discussion, this is because those who answer Questions don't often haunt toe Discussion Forums and you may not get answered.


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Windows 7 with wi-fi connection

by cbx In reply to Windows 7 wifi non-connec ...

Turns out the problem was with Zone Alarm, a product I'd used for about 13 years but will not use any more............contacted the motherboard company and thet said they thought it was in the wi-fi dll in the kernal....sent me (actually a friend took the computer or I'd know his name) to a guy who does their warranty work to get the dll repaired for free.....he found the ZA prob almost instantly........thanks for the reply, I'll try to post properly in the future

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Windows 7 with wi-fi connection

by cbx In reply to Windows 7 wifi non-connec ...

Forgot to answer your question.......both computers running Windows 7

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