Windows 7 with Deep Freeze only (no antivirus)?

By techin ·

I am in a K12 school and I am preparing laptop for students project. The laptops will be standalone (not attach to a domain).

Is using Deep Freeze only is enough to protect the network?


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Even though they are not connected to the domain,

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to Windows 7 with Deep Freez ...

they are still connected to the network & there is the potential for security issues because of that. Deep Freeze will only protect the computers it is installed on, they will be able to be returned to their previous stat if a virus etc is encountered but if it makes it into the network, there is the possibility that the domain could become infected.

It would be best to put the stand alone computers on the outside of the firewall or in the DMZ.

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Simple answer is NO it will not

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Windows 7 with Deep Freez ...

While Deep Freeze is a good product it will not stop a computer becoming infected with something it will at best return it to the way it was on the restart and kill any infection from the previous session. It will do nothing to stop the Propagation of Infections while the session is running or the spread of infections.

Then when you consider the way that the writes of these infections are going it may not be possible to return the system to a uninfected state on the restart at some point in the future.

So overall I would say no Deep Freeze by itself will not be sufficient. But if you have to go this way you'll need to keep these system completely isolated from the existing network ideally on a separate unconnected LAN.


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That's what I was trying to say.....

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to Simple answer is NO it wi ...
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I got it the first time :)

by techin In reply to That's what I was trying ...

Thanks Darryl for your answer. You explanation was quite clear and I did not need more to understand.

I red your post this morning and I installed Kaspersky right after that.

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Deep Freeze not sufficient

by techin In reply to Simple answer is NO it wi ...

I guest I don't really have the choice. Having both Deep Freeze and anti-virus is at some point an ugly but necessary solution.

I have been told that kaspersky and Deep Freeze don't work well together even with the possibility to unlock some folders. Kaspersky updates have to be done manually.

Faronics is coming soon with their own ant-virus solution. I'm impatient to get it!


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A couple of admins I know have moved to...

by SmartAceW0LF In reply to Deep Freeze not sufficien ...

Microsofts Steady State. It apparently was developed specifically for the situation you find yourself in. (Student-related access) Unfortunately, I have not had the time (the need hasn't come to the front) to research it yet. That said, the 2 I know who have made the change give Steady State the nod. As for protection from the most common of malware that I encounter these days, the rogue anti-virus variations of vundo, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware's Proactive protection (paid for) coupled with MS Security Essentials has been most effective. Worthy of consideration in that it seems most infections these days target Facebook and MySpace users. A good percentage of most users these days are subscribed to one or the other. In my honest opinion, I can not emphasize enough the MBAM prong. Money well spent.

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by santeewelding In reply to A couple of admins I know ...

I am set up much the same -- MBAM paid and active, along with Essentials.

techin raises good questions. Raises good, real-time personal experience, too.

I'll shut up, now, eager to hear and learn more.

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Try Returnil Virtual System

by oceano76 In reply to Windows 7 with Deep Freez ...

We use Returnil Virtual System and we believe it is a better solution. We tired a number of similar products and I have to say that Returnil is by far the best. It has a very powerful web management console and also offer MBR protection, which other do not offer. Have a try:


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No. It will not

by mustafacan In reply to Windows 7 with Deep Freez ...

Deep Freeze purpose is different. It will do a restore at reboot, which means it will bring your computer to the state it was when you installed deep freeze. A better alternative will be Rollback Rx.

Col gave a good explanation: the malware can propagate thru the network and you may not be able to fix all affected computers.

Work with Rollback Rx and a good anti virus/malware/ and you should be safer.

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