Windows 7 won't let me shrink Volume C on 1.5 TB drive to 200 GB

By 9Shenandoah ·
I installed Windows 7 on a new 1.5 Terrabyte Drive composed of 2 750 GB drives set up as raid 0.
Windows 7 sees this configuration as one continuous C drive during the install.
I have only installed Kaspersky Internet Security in my programs. I haven't put anything else on the C: drive.
I would like to shrink Volume C to 200 GB.
The Windows 7 Disk management tool doesn't allow me to shrink C to a size less than 699.96 GB.
I can shrink the second 699.96 volume to smaller volumes. However I cannot shrink C past 699.96 GB.
I tried moving the Page File on C: to a new Volume E temporarily but that did not help.
Does anyone have any ideas or experience in this matter?
I don't think the Raid 0 configuration matters--Windows doesn'e see that, am I right?

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I ran across that with vista

by .Martin. In reply to Windows 7 won't let me sh ...

if you find a solution, I would also like to know

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some thoughts....

by ---TK--- In reply to Windows 7 won't let me sh ...

First back up critical data to an external source...

research "BartPE"(http://www.nu2.nu/pebuilder/),"UBCD", and/or "WinPE". Also look into http://www.runtime.org/data-recovery-products.htm...

(with these tools) You can make an image of c:\, partition out the drive, the restore the image to the smaller partition... But you will need to load the RAID drivers so the boot CD's can see the drive and make the desired changes...

After practice it will become easier... I was able to take a RAID 5, c was 700 Gigs, and shrink it down to 50 gigs...

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Imaging can be scary with new breed of hot running processors

by 9Shenandoah In reply to some thoughts....

I tried imaging my system twice and it shut down during the image process (remember, the imaging software is in control, not Windows). I think it was because the CPU was overheating.
The new AMD X2 6000 machines are 136W units and need a lot of cooling?
Anyway I'mno expert but I think the culprit was overheating, which the Bios senses and causes the shutdown.

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AMD X2 6000

by ---TK--- In reply to Imaging can be scary with ...

I don't know much about those units... My knowledge of AMD's has dwindled over the past couple years... I have been leaning more towards Intel... If you are having heat issue, I might suggest getting an aftermarket heat sink, plus add a fan in the front of the PC and two in the rear if that's an option... or for the time being remove the side panel and point a fan towards the PC...

You could also backup your data, then reinstall Win 7, during the setup it will have an option to create partitions. Make a small partition, then install on that one... You will have to reinstall all your apps, but it is always an option.

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EASEUS Partition Master

by _Natalia_ In reply to Windows 7 won't let me sh ...

This tiny application (free for home use) allows you resizing C: exactly how you want. I used it under Vista and Win 7, and it always worked excellently.


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