windows 7 won't shutdown and keeps switching on

By fshamk ·
All of sudden windows 7 ultimate won't shutdown and after few second keeps switch-on sort of loop.and I have to shut-Down by holding switch-on for second or through psu. any help please.all the drivers are updated and verified by slim-driver software.

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Wake on lan disabled?

by rey6221 In reply to windows 7 won't shutdown ...

Hey Fshamk

Have you checked that wake on lan is disabled in the bios? Is there anything in the event viewer to perhaps shed more light?

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Safe Mode?

by Rob Kuhn In reply to windows 7 won't shutdown ...

Does it do the same thing when going into Safe Mode? If it doesn't then you have some application/service that is overriding the power-off command.

Also, what happens if you just do a shutdown /s /f /t 1

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Reponse To Answer

by fshamk In reply to Safe Mode?

Thanks for reply
The WoL is disabled,and tried power off command ,and safe mode ,and any thing ,like CMOS clear etc ,but still no joy.

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Recycle Power to Motherboard

by ba2486 In reply to windows 7 won't shutdown ...

Turn off the Power to the machine (unplug it from the wall). wait 15 seconds, turn the power back on.
Start the machine.

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Virus or Corrupt Power Sequence?

by keybonesabi In reply to windows 7 won't shutdown ...

Earlier versions of Windows were infected with a virus. Easiest way to ensure it's not your hardware is boot with a known clean device (CD, USB, 2.5" <-ha ha).
Other forums suggest it is a conflict between Windows Power Management and BIOS Power Management.

I'd start with scanning for a root kit once you have determined it is not hardware.

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maybe it is the power switch

by Sue T In reply to windows 7 won't shutdown ...

I had this happen once and it turned out to be that the power switch was bad. I replaced that and the problem went away. Is your switch sticking at all?

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