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    Windows 7 won’t shutdown


    by spiralingcrazies ·

    Brand new Gateway PC (desktop). Installed Office 2007 and McAfee antivirus.

    Looks like something is holding it up, I reinstalled the drivers but I think it might be a software issue where a program is not exiting properly and holding the system down.

    Every once in a while the system will shut down but most of the time it hangs on shut down, times out and errors out.

    Any ideas?

    I heard there is software that can measure and request shutdown on some apps but have no idea what it is called?

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      "Right click" with mouse/pointing device on taskbar

      by Wizard57M-TR ·

      In reply to Windows 7 won’t shutdown

      and bring up the TaskManager to see what applications are running. You can
      also, from TaskManager, click on the tab at the top to show running processes.
      Sometimes browsers will not fully release memory, as well as antivirus software
      like McAfee. You can highlight running applications and choose to stop them
      from TaskManager, as well as running processes. Use caution with stopping
      processes, unless you’re sure what they are and you want them closed.

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