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    Windows 7/Word 2007 compatibility


    by n8breezy ·

    Seeing the following issues:
    1. Word fails to start and goes into a loop where it says it was not properly shut down and tries to repair, doesn’t work- loops.
    2. Users try printing from Word and Word shuts itself down.
    3. User saves document in Word, closes it, then tries opening it and sees an error stating “There was a problem sending the command to the program.”

    SOLUTIONS we’ve seen:
    1. Uninstalled Office, deleted the user’s local profile, deleted registry keys for HKEY_CURRENT_USER per MS support direction (;en-us;940791), reinstalled Office as domain admin user, then created new local user profile.
    2. users have reported they changed which network printer they were sending to and the document printed. Initially failing printer is not an issue for other users though and is functional.
    3. We do not know how this got resolved.

    The issues we’re seeing are inconsistent and any similar incidents and resolutions would be helpful!

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