Windows 7 - Word Quirks

By hexanol ·
Quite often, when I am typing multiple capital letters, the computer tries to think for me and puts in lower case, even though I am holding down the shift key. Under "Word Options", "Proofing", "Autocorrect Options", The "Correct Two Initial Capitals" box is not checked, and the "Correct Accidental Usage of the Caps Lock Key" box is also not checked. Why does it keep trying to correct me? How can I make it stop ?

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Which version of Word is involved here?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Windows 7 - Word Quirks

Windows 7 doesn't have Word as Default it is part of the Microsoft Office Suite and there are many versions of this Office Suite.

Though what you are asking about here is related to the Auto Correct Function so if you turn that off it would be my starting point. You can find out how to do this in the Help Files of Word.


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Reponse To Answer

by hexanol In reply to Which version of Word is ...

Hi. Wow, I accidentally found that someone actually responded to the question!
The Version in MS Word 2007 (10.0.6668.5000) Part of Microsoft Enterprise 2007
OS = Windows Home Premium. SP3
I do "sortof like" my autocorrect, so I guess I'll try to learn to live with it.
There are two schools of users out there. Those that like for the computer to think for them, and those that like the computer to do what they tell it to do. I am of the latter. I wish Computer Engineers would try to accommodate us too.
Have a great day everybody.

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