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Windows 8

By The Gekster_210 ·
Did Anyone Here Of....

Or Is There A O.S. Windows 8

Intro From Microsoft Fact Or Feared Rumor??

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by Oz_Media In reply to Windows 8

The Geekster_210 rumoured something about it on T.R

Maybe they cure all the world's known diseases with this one!

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codename 'windows 8'

by .Martin. In reply to Windows 8

will be released 2012

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I read 2011

by Oz_Media In reply to codename 'windows 8'

Then I read 2013, then I read....the initial blog wazs removed when they guys leaked it. It seems sites are full of speculation, and plenty of Mac users already saying it's crap. LOL, gotta love them for some farce comedy.

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Standard MS

by IC-IT In reply to I read 2011

Just prior to rolling out XP the next two release dates for the next two OS were in the rough planning stages.

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Of course they are

by Oz_Media In reply to Standard MS

They have to be.

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we can all agree

by .Martin. In reply to I read 2011

that we will see the next version of windows in the next 50 years

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Seriously, what do people expct?

by Oz_Media In reply to we can all agree

Since when did a company make such a progressively engineered a product, sell it and then just sit back and wait>

A product that has competition, requires constantl evolution and redevelopment.

Is MS supposed to sit on their hands and say, 'well, we already wrote computer software, now what?'

not yourself, but I really don't see how some people get so shocked about product develppment cycles, it's as if nobody has ever realized there was a business operating behind the goods they use daily.

MS doesn't build a new OS as often as car manufacturer's redesign and improve cars, but nobody complains about that. People feel that HAVE to buy a new OS when released but will drive a 1998 Chevy without any issue. I often wonder if people actually think about things or if they just muddle forward each day, blindly with no consideration or forethought in their life.

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Golly Gosh OZ

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Seriously, what do people ...

You mean that M$ is a Business. Here I thought that they just came out with new products through the goodness of their hearts. :^0

Makes me wonder what some people think M$ actually does though. They have just released 7 and now these people want them to rush out Windows Next within a few weeks.

I remember someone asking about Longhorn and when I told them to just buy a new computer and not wait around for what Longhorn became I was abused and told not to be Flippant. 3 Years latter when Vista came out I believe that person then started to wait for what became known as 7 to be released and is now waiting for 8/Next. :0

No point in buying a new computer today when M$ will release a new OS sometime within the next 10 years so I'll just wait till M$ come out with something new. What I find interesting is that the same people buy new hardware but want to wait for M$ New Product to arrive.


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so what?

by .Martin. In reply to Golly Gosh OZ

they never bought a computer

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RE: Did Anyone Here Of....

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Windows 8

Yes I heard of it.

It's in development and has been for a while now though it wasn't a Priority while 7 was reaching the end of it's development phase.

According to M$ Reps when Vista was released at the 2 year mark after release there will be a major Service Pack released and at the 4 year mark after the release of Vista there will be a new OS released which is a development of Vista. It may or may not be called Vista well it wasn't it was called 7.

Then at the 6 year mark they will release another Major Service Pack and at the 8 year mark another OS which is a development of what replaced Vista which we know as 7.

M$ had a 10 year plan for development of Vista prior to it's release and things have been pushed forward a bit because of the Publicity that Vista Received by the press and public rightly or wrongly after it's release.

I wouldn't be holding my breath waiting for a Beta Version of 8 to become available as I do not remember one M$ product that was released on it's original Projected Release Date. They have all run much longer in Development than the Farcical Projected Release Dates that the Marketing Plebs at M$ announce.

So 8 or whatever it eventually gets called at the Beta Stage is a way off yet. The bulk of M$ Development Trams are still working on working out the bugs of 7 at this point in time.


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