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When my PC did not start, I was asked to repair the Drives. And when it failed, I was asked to Reset. I did the Reset by inserting the Original Windows 8 CD in the Drive. After installation, I was asked to Activate. When I try to activate I got an Error message : The product key is already used on another PC. Try to use different key or buy a new one (!?) If you have reinstalled windows you may be able to use your current key .Contact customer support help.

I contacted the customer support through Chat.
The chat went like this :
Microsoft Tech Rep :I reviewed the key again and it says here that the first activation was last February. This key has been activated 52 times since that month. It has already exceeded its maximum allowed activations.

Sundhar Raman R: Is it possible to activate 52 times in 4 months time !? There is something wrong somewhere.

Jay I am seeing here that your product key has been activated 52 times since February. The maximum activations that a product key is allowed in only 50.

Sundhar Raman R: How is it possible tell me

Jay You have already exceeded your activation. What you can do is purchase a new product key, or you can contact our Pro Support to learn more about volume license product keys.

Sundhar Raman R: This is just ridiculous

Sundhar Raman R: Let me know how to contact these Pro Support

Jay It may be that your product key was published online and because of that, it was accessed by customers wanting to use it.
I have not contacted their Pro support yet.
Please guide me as to how I solve the problem.

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