Windows 8 - Blue Screen.

By MeetDak ·
Windows 8 - Blue Screen.
I bought new desktop (HP) with pre-installed Windows 8. I was trying to add some softwares and by just plugging-in the USB device (external harddisk containing softwares) the icons gradually disappeared when I clicked each one of them.

Now the whole screen is blue, only the mouse's arrow is visible and moving. I've tried to restart but nothing happens. I would like to format the disk and instal Windows 7 that I am familiar to but unable to format it.

Any suggestion to reclaim my brand new PC is greatly appreciated.

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by artanyis In reply to Windows 8 - Blue Screen.

I'm sorry, are you saying that when you reboot it nothing comes back up?
If you press ctrl+shft+esc it should bring up the task manager, is explorer.exe running?
Also, try a full power cycle, turn it off, unplug the power cable and press the power button a good 10-15 times. Plug it back in and hit the power button again.
If you cant shut it down, just go ahead and pull the power cable, not a lot of other options.

Let me know what you find out.

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Reponse To Answer

by MeetDak In reply to Reboot?

Thank you for your advice. The trick of "pressing ctrl+shft+esc " has work. I am able to get back my PC.

I really appreciate your help.

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use factory recovery partition.

by In reply to Windows 8 - Blue Screen.

Since it's a new computer, you can use the Factory Recovery Partition to Restore your pc back the way it was when you bought it. as you've stated that your external contains softwares and by clicking i'm assuming you were trying to install one of the software, based on this the blue screen might have been caused by bad drivers. what you can do is to boot on safe mode by pressing f8 couple of time during post, this will only load the basic drivers for your display, mouse and keyboard just to get you started then you can go to control panel and uninstall whatever has been added before things started to go wrong or you can boot on last good known configurations, this will take you back when your PC last boot up fine. what antivirus you got installed on your PC? the icon disappearing it might be that your external has got some kind of malware or virus so your antivirus is trying to block the threat. please state why you are unable to format it.

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Reponse To Answer

by MeetDak In reply to use factory recovery part ...

Thank for your suggestion. I have followed your step-by-step instruction to restore my PC back to the manufacture's condition.

Again, I thank you very much for your time.

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