Windows 8 boot loop

By kasper.wichmann ·

I wanted to update from Win 8 to 8.1 but the update failed and my laptop is now stuck in a continuous boot loop.

Samsumg logo comes on, windows logo comes on and I get a blue screen that my PC ran into a critical problem and needs to restart. This loop continues and I cannot access the boot menu and open in safe mode.

I have tried F4 (advised by Samsung) Shift F8 (advised by Microsoft), and delete. In all cases by just tapping the keys as the laptop boots up and keeping the keys down, Nothing seems to work. I understand this may be due to the fact that SSD and Win 8 now has something called fast boot, so I have very little time to actually access the boot menu.

Does anyone have solutions, tips, tricks, hints.

Very grateful for any help, as my last files have not been backed up for the last week.



Windows 8. Samsung Series 9, SSD 256GB

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If you absolutely cannot get to the BIOS settings

by seanferd In reply to Windows 8 boot loop

remove the drive and boot again. Now you can get to BIOS setup and disable anything involved with Fast Boot & (U)EFI.

But generally you want to try pressing the key to get to these settings repeatedly and quickly as soon as you power on. (Spam that key as fast as you can.)

Either way, once disabled, try safe mode or recovery from the OS menu.

In the future, make sure that the option to automatically reboot on failure is not checked. It shouldn't be, but who knows.

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