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Windows 8 consumer edition build 8250

My previous W8 development OS was a piece of work and as such, I had to balance performance with software and programs both prioritized and third party. A lot of the Metro apps and trying to navigate to where to access them was very poorly conceived and took a lot of computing time to navigate to them, but I give five stars to this consumer edition as it was quick to install and offered a windows old folder and gave you a choice this time to do a clean install or keep your personal files, which the preview addition did not. I highly recommend that everyone do a system back up via the windows transfer feature which completely saved both time and aggravation when it came necessary to reinstall programs which were not installed during the upgrade. Also, invest in a external drive to store the windows old files for later access as most cannot be transferred to consumer due to registry values being different. I am still unimpressed with trying to find " show Desktop " and start / search, as you must accidentally discover these features by placing your cursor against the edge of the active window on your desktop, but the other features both classic and improved work and look great. Internet explorer 10 is greatly improved to the point I now make it my default browser over Firefox which continues on it's disastrous demise with all the updates. There are still a few glitches, but overall, this edition is greatly improved and I highly recommend all to try. Very stable and performance enhanced with the most rigorous user. Great job Bill and Microsoft.

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How do you access your files?

by Slayer_ In reply to Windows 8 consumer editio ...

There is no Documents access anywhere in Metro, how do you get to them (Without using the run command or adding the computer to your desktop)

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Access to file menus

by JHASKINS75 In reply to How do you access your fi ...

Use your pointer an place it at the bottom or top right hand corner of your monitor screen ( Desktop ) and a flyout will appear briefly and click on the search icon and this opens the window view showing you the file access name, click on it and your files are displayed. You have the ability here to right click to add to your desktop taskbar for easy access. It will take getting use to, to discover these tweeks and where to see things designed into consumer, but that's the fun of computing.....

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