Windows 8 IE10 browser issues with legacy web apps

By frozenwillie ·
I have a new Asus UltraBook S56CM. I am normally an Apple Mac guy, but require the Windows laptop for IE8 or 9 access into my clients web applications. Because the laptop is pre-installed with windows 8, I cannot install retro versions of IE. I tried the VM route to install Windows 7 (Technet Professional N version). Trouble with that was I ran into so any driver issues it became a total nightmare and abandoned that route. My next thought is dual boot, but have concerns I might still have driver issues. I like the ultrabook and don't want to return it if I can avoid it. The laptop has 1TB HD (C: 375gb 625gb approx), with 6GB RAM so no issues there. I did try Firefox as an alternate browser and it works not too badly. I get one or two minor issues with how things get rendered, but nothing that upsets me. However my client is seriously unhappy with me using Firefox, and the client is god! Two questions:

Does anyone have any suggestions?
Is the dual boot the way to go, and???
???if so how do I go about setting up dual boot on an Asus UltraBook with win8 pre-install?

OK three questions!

I thought when I bought the laptop I could simply re-format the HD and install Win 7. Got that wrong, didn't I. It is challenging to resist making comments about Micrrosoft's ?????????.!

Thanks in advance.

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I'm not really sure I understand what you want here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Windows 8 IE10 browser is ...

Wiping the system and installing 7 is a relatively simple task but you'll need a Legit Version of 7 to begin with. As for Driver issues they are no more than what is to be expected with any Open Platform. For instance if you wanted to install OSX onto this unit you would have as many Driver Issues as you will with 7. So the issue is what exactly?

Running as a Virtual Unit is as easy but again Driver Issues will be something you need to address which are the same as Dual Booting the unit.

As for using IE which is apparently what the client wants IE10 is supposed to be the coming version for all Windows platforms that are not Obsolete so that immediately rules out IE8 which is limited to nothing newer than XP which while still widely used is effectively Obsolete as it is now over 3 versions of Windows since it was a current production system from Microsoft.

7 which may be the more user friendly OS from Microsoft at the moment will be coming to IE10 shortly so unless the client is using XP or Vista very soon all Current Windows releases will be using it to render Web Pages.

As for drivers here it depends on the actual hardware involved but with 8 being a development of 7 I personally can not believe that there will be so many bits of hardware that you will not be able to get drivers for even if you are attempting to use a 32 Bit Version of 7 there should still be a full range of drivers for all of the hardware that you are currently using. Though you will likely have to go to the hardware maker not ASUS for the actual Drivers. Remember ASUS is not a Hardware Maker they are a Hardware Reseller who buy in hardware made to their specifications from Hardware Suppliers and then On-sell that Hardware to End Users. So you'll have to visit the actual Hardware Makers for the correct drivers.


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Reponse To Answer

by frozenwillie In reply to I'm not really sure I und ...

New laptops pre-installed with Windows 8 do not use MBR, and make it difficult if not impossible (as far as I have been able to discover) to alter the boot order in the BIOS so a simple replacement of win 8 with win 7 is not a possibility.

I have tried setting up a win7 virtual images using Virtualbox and VMware and both stall very early in the installation because it cannot identify drivers. If I could complete the install I could find the drivers. I suspect the same issues will prevail with a dual boot setup.

IE10, while I have no doubt is an excellent browser, does not run many custom built web applications built for earlier browsers.

As for ASUS not being a hardware maker, they have been manufacturing motherboards for as long as I can remember. I've built PCs from scratch using ASUS motherboards.

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Reponse To Answer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I'm not really sure I und ...

While you may have built systems from scratch with ASUS M'Boards they are not ASUS Computers. ASUS doesn't make complete computers they make components like M'Boards which are a collection of parts from the Hardware Makers Assembled.

The ASUS Computers may even have ASUS M'Boards but then exactly what Chip Sets are used and who makes those?

Realtech is the predominate Sound Provider which are used on ASUS M'Boards they also make a lot of Network Chips as well as Intel. So the Hardware maker of the ASUS M'Board Sound is most likely Realtech not ASUS and the Networking Chips is either Realtech or Intel. You'll get the correct drivers for those chip sets from Realtech or Intel not necessarily from ASUS.

Get the difference between Hardware Resellers and Hardware Makers now?

As for NB coming preinstalled with 8 you can use Boot & Nuke or Kill Disc to Wipe the HDD or even use a different HDD that you fit to the NB if you want to retain the possibility of using 8 at some point in the future though if you need to use IE8 you'll need to install XP not Vista or 7.

As for the Virtual Units not loading/installing that I think you'll find this is more to do with the version of 8 you currently have installed not Supporting Virtual Environments. You'll need the Professional or higher versions to run a Virtual Environment not Home Basic or whatever came preinstalled by ASUS on this Ultrabook.

It could also be because the BIOS doesn't support Virtual Environments which if it does most likely needs to be turned on in the BIOS before it will work.


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