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    Windows 8: It’s ready and it’s gr8!


    by mkalhaj ·

    Since our company – among many other partnerships and affiliations – is a Microsoft Gold Partner, and we have the option to download our internal software requirements directly from the MS partner portal.

    About 40 days ago; I have downloaded the “Finished” Windows 8 Pro x64 (NOT THE TEST VERSION), and upgraded from the Win 7 Pro x64 (Device Lenovo B570, Core i3 2.10 Ghz, 8 GB DDR3 RAM). To put it simply.. It is great!

    Upgrade: Seamless operation. Less time consuming than Win 7 upgrades. All my data, applications and settings meticulously preserved.
    H/W Drivers: 1 update needed for BT. installed in under a minute.
    The START menu: Very helpful and customizable. Access is either by moving the cursor to bottom left-hand corner or right-clicking the bottom left hand corner which will give you more options directly from your desktop.
    Performance: Much faster boot & shut down time. Much better overall OS and App response.
    Truth be told; I do wish I had a touchscreen on my laptop. But again; from what information I have; I can tell you right now that you don’t need to wait for the release of new MS (Intel-based) tablets, Win 8 will install on the Samsung Galaxy SIII, the Sony Xperia Tablet S, and any other quad-core hand-held out there (provided that you root your Android device first).

    Unfinished? I tried the pre-release version of Win 8.. I uninstalled the next morning. The Pro version is very different. I have access to the new MS “App store” which already has hundreds of free and paid apps; all working just fine. Plus; if your a gamer, you have full access and linkage to XBOX.

    In summation; before Win 8, I was convinced that the deepest holes of **** were reserved for the likes of Bill Gates. I must say I am changing my mind!


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      OK, we have your opinion, and now you can have mine – it’s total garbage

      by deadly ernest ·

      In reply to Windows 8: It’s ready and it’s gr8!

      because I looks bloody awful on my 23 inch screen with HUGE ugly blocks and I have to go through more procedures to get to where I want to go, thus is reduces my productivity.

      I can see how Win 8 can be good for a person who uses small apps on a mobile device and doesn’t do much major creativity work – like a sales rep showing off product. However, now days most of my productivity is on the creation of documents, editing of document, manipulation of images, none of which responds to well to waving fingers over the screen.

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      I can’t take anyone seriously who says ‘gr8’. No text.

      by charliespencer ·

      In reply to Windows 8: It’s ready and it’s gr8!


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      Appologies for waisting your time!

      by mkalhaj ·

      In reply to Windows 8: It’s ready and it’s gr8!

      It’s just my opinion guys..

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        No apologies necessary.

        by charliespencer ·

        In reply to Appologies for waisting your time!

        Just because Ernest and I don’t agree with you doesn’t mean you have to apologize. This is a big forum with plenty of readers, many of whom also like W8. Heck, I can see its value on tablets and phones, but I wouldn’t stick it on a ‘traditional client’ until at least the first SP is released.

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