Windows 8 Laptop will not boot from DVD

By tjharring ·
I was formally the IT guy for a small company. To date myself, the last network OS I worked with was Netware 5. The problem I am having is trying to downgrade from Windows 8 Pro to Windows 7 Pro.

Okay should be a piece of cake, but it's not. I recently purchased a Toshiba P850 series laptop. My intention from the very beginning was to downgrade. I do have a Windows 7 pro dvd, the laptop is configured to use the ODD drive as primary boot. When I boot the system it continuously boots from the HDD. I have spent time on the phone with Toshiba's tech support, but that was a waste of time. Much to my dismay Toshiba's tech support is sorely lacking.

During on of my calls I was transferred to Toshiba's, "Expert support" who told me to use the Shift + Restart function to be able to boot from the ODD. I was told this must be done because even shutting down Windows 8 only puts it into an advanced hibernation. I have tried the shift + restart option that brings me to the advanced start page. According to tech support I am to choose "Continue on to OS" and when screen goes black hold down the F12 key.

This does the exact same thing as holding down F12 after power on. I brings up the boot manager to select your primary boot drive. In any case I cannot boot from the ODD. Does anyone have any ideas?

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couple of thoughts

by Sue T In reply to Windows 8 Laptop will not ...

on some of our toshibas there is a program called hwsetup and I have to actually change the boot order in that to make it work. Also, some brands of laptops also have in the bios a quickboot option that you have to disable. might be called something else if present. can you go into power options in windows 8 and disable hibernation and change the power key to mean shutdown?
Good luck. As I have some toshibas I will be interested in the outcome.

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by tjharring In reply to Windows 8 Laptop will not ...

The answer to my problem was in the BIOS, something Toshiba's techies did not know. I had to disable "Secure Boot" and switch from booting with "UEFI" to "CSM". Once this was done system booted from the Windows 7 DVD. It is now running on Windows 7 and I just need to find two more Win7 drivers and I'm good to go. Surprisingly the BIOS was configured for normal boot not fast. Sue T thanks for your response. I decided to go through the BIOS configuration first before altering the power settings.

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Reponse To Answer

by Sue T In reply to In BIOS

thank you for letting me know what did the trick. Glad to see you figured it out.

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Reponse To Answer

by mrawlingson In reply to In BIOS

Finally! A solution! Turning off secure boot and changing UEFI to CSM worked a treat. Thank you very much for posting your solution.

Don't think I'll be advising clients to purchase a Toshiba from here on out. That was a complete waste of my time for absolutely no reason.

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I do not understand

by alan918273 In reply to Windows 8 Laptop will not ...

SSD I know
HDD I know
What is an ODD ?

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Reponse To Answer

by FlavourNugget In reply to I do not understand

Optical Disk Drive. It used to be easy to say CD, but the disks come in more flavors now.

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What is an ODD

by alan918273 In reply to Windows 8 Laptop will not ...

I understand SSD and HDD, but not ODD

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Reponse To Answer

by alan918273 In reply to What is an ODD

Many thanks FlavourNugget.
My first post and your reply was not visible when I logged in 2 hours later,
and I thought I must have clicked Cancel when I intended Submit,
hence my second post.

I am now guessing there is a 2 hour wait for moderator approval before a post appears.

Incidentally I ticked the box to be alerted but have not yet got an email.

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with the correct spelling this time

by muddratt In reply to Windows 8 Laptop will not ...

optical disc drive

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