Windows 8 not booting

By vgeoffm ·
I have a ASPIRE ONE 756 laptop that comes pre-installed with windows 8. The laptop worked fine but recently crashed. When i power on the laptop i get the error message on POST " Windows Boot manager has been blocked by the current security policy'' I have restored BIOS settings to default but its not working. IF i have to re-install windows where will i get the key from as i have noticed with windows 8 there is no key at the bottom. Any help will be appreciated.

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Well since it came with Windows 8

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Windows 8 not booting

I would return it to the place you bought it in the past few days and get them to fix it.

Windows 8 has only been available for a few weeks if that, it's actually closer to a few days so I would return to the place that you bought it and let them sort things out.


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by tms123 In reply to Windows 8 not booting

Actually, you have three problems here. One is the boot issue. I'm curious if you tried booting into Safe Mode. Shift+F8 will still get you there, despite what you might read about no Safe Mode in Win8. If you're able to eventually get back to a normal operating environment, you need to address issue two right away: make a full set of backup/recovery disks and then make a Windows 8 bootable thumb drive. This will give you the ability to boot properly and recover after future crashes. Finally, your third problem is Microsoft's absolutely lousy method of managing the key/reinstall part with Win8. Just yesterday, I had to reinstall a client's Win8 upgrade (from Win7) after a system crash. Even with access to his original upgrade email, and Microsoft's acknowledgement of the key, their automated process required re-running the Upgrade Assistant, at the end of which the system tried to force a credit card for payment. We could find NO way of simply entering the key, and getting around their automated process, as has been the case with Windows 7 and earlier versions. After a couple of hours and several colleagues taking a stab at it, we got frustrated, cracked open a fresh retail copy of Win8, and installed it from scratch. Bottom line, if you can't get back into your system, which is the only way you'll have access to your key (print it and save a copy), then you should take the system back to where you purchased it and ask for some help and/or a refund.

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