Windows 8 Start Menu?

By RADeon20000 ·
I listen to Windows Weekly the show from build had a guest that stated the classic start menu was missing. I believe that the app menu is your start menu. If you install a program such as Microsoft office or any other program, it will appear on the app menu. Could this be Microsofts redesigned start menu to take advantage of touch screen devices?

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Answer to your question...

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Windows 8 Start Menu?

It is too early to say for sure about the Start menu.
I do not like it at the moment so we will just have to wait until the full (finished)version.

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Windows 8 Startup Screen

by flnettles In reply to Windows 8 Start Menu?

It looks like the old QLink welcome screen in the Commodore 64 days!

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Classic Shell perhaps...

by Spexi In reply to Windows 8 Start Menu?

Hi there, above program may help you get the classic startmenu back.
It doesn't appear in the same way as XP etc ~ but similar alike.

As the startbutton now working in two directions as there is two different desktops (Metro and Standard Windows 7) there might be difficulties to open the Standard Startmenu unless this is changed from the registry or from another application that able to switch between these two settings (non tablets).

There are several apps created for solve this behavior, can recommend one gadget I've found usefull in this stage (will probably become easier as closer we come RTM)

This gadget also includes an informative pane for learning new shortcut's in Windows 8.

"Could this be Microsofts redesigned start menu to take advantage of touch screen devices? "

Yes it is, actually that's the interface which is called 'Metro' infact.
It's basically working in two way's pending on if it's managed on a tablet or on a regular PC with mouse and keyboard. On many of these keynotes we watched from Microsoft they showing mostly the interface settings for tablets which has the new 'Charm bar' startmenu that appear as a list from bottom to top on the right side. When Windows 8 is installed on a device that doesn't have touchscreen, Charm bar then shows up on the left bottom corner instead quite much alike the old Startmenu in former versions.

If you install new software, these will appear as a green app inside Metro screen and show up there next time the interface is opened. It's even possible to show additional Administrative tools to show up there as well. In this stage it's only those utility's which standard in Windows from before in that folder but by adding other preferable tools from other systemfolders in Windows like regedit.exe or gpedit.msc, they'll also afterwords appear as a green app in the Metro interface as soon they added into the administrative folder. More will come am sure.

Windows developer preview which is the latest build of Windows 8 can be downloaded on the following link, please go ahead try it out...Using it myself right now :)

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Start button easy install..

by ombm In reply to Windows 8 Start Menu?

Of course we all have grown to the classic Start button on previous Windows, but now everyone is crying foul with the elimination of the Start button on Windows 8 (it's not official yet).

But just in case Microsoft does decide to get rid of the classic Start button, there's an option to bring it back and make it look exactly like Windows 7..

I just installed it and it looks great! The best part is those who love the Metro tiles, you can still access it by hitting the classic Start button. I think this is the way Microsoft should go. Bring back the Windows Start button but make it advance by accessing Metro apps. Bazinga!

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Return start Menu to WIN 8

by Dominous In reply to Windows 8 Start Menu?

Why would you download software that could possibly install other unwanted software on your machine? There's an easier way to do it.

To start the run option, press the windows key (next to the spacebar) on your keyboard and the R key at the same time. This will bring about the Run window.


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