Windows 8... without internet : possible ?

By OlivieDu ·
on windows 8 i've disconnected from wifi and set to 'plane' mode.

BUT i still see tiles updates (weather, news...) how can that be ?
Morevover, internet access is requested to download pictures from my camera !!

Is there ANY way to completely REMOVE COMPLETELY all internet communication ?

The purpose is to be sure that nothing will interupt very long word book writing during several days... and also smooth my friend paranoia ;-)

Thanks in advance

PS : no troll here about Linux, Mac... thanks

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Easy answer is No there is Not

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Windows 8... without inte ...

Win 6 by it's basic nature is a Live On Line OS and was built that way from the ground up.

Not sure what's happening with the Tiles in Metro being updated if you have disconnected the WiFi but all I can say is that it must still be connected and you've choses to remove some applications from the On Line List so that they are now Off Line but the system itself isn't. I suppose you could remove any Tiles that have a Live Feed and that would stop them updating but to make sure that it stays removed other than deleting the WiFi and any Ethernet Hardware I do not believe that what you are asking is possible. Even if you delete the Hardware I'm not sure if 6 is going to work that well and not simply tie itself in knots trying to connect itself to the net.

As you requested no Troll Posts about other OS's I'm not going to say that you need a OS here that isn't designed to be On Line 100% of the time but that is in reality your only answer here.


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I don't know where any of this is anymore but

by Slayer_ In reply to Windows 8... without inte ...

At least in Windows 7 and XP And 2000.
You could go into the network connections folder and then right-click the current connection and choose disable. That would disable the network adapter therefore preventing you from actually connecting to anything.
When you want to be online again right click the conneciton and choose Enable.

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