Windows 8 won't run application

By annem21 ·
Several times I've gotten the message "this app can't run on your PC" when trying to use downloaded programs like ad-blockers and music downloads on my Windows 8.1 tablet. Is there something in settings or a firewall that I can (selectively) disable to allow these apps to run? I suspect it is just Microsoft fascism. The music site I was using was, which offers different content than the xbox music app that came with the device. I've used it on my xp computer, but wanted to switch to the newer one.

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Check the compatibility

by brandonsharks In reply to Windows 8 won't run appli ...

Obviously an app which doesn't run on Windows 8 was developed under Mac or Windows versions lower.

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Windows 8 has very high level of security

by ericschweizer In reply to Windows 8 won't run appli ...

Reduce this level and many apps start to launch.

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Check your OS to viruses

by donaldreynolds In reply to Windows 8 won't run appli ...

Sometimes trojans or malware may block .exe files.

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Windows 8 issues

by mj925796 In reply to Windows 8 won't run appli ...

There are issues in windows 8 that it does not support many apps.this is the main reason Microsoft introduced windows 8.1 which is more supportive and successful windows.I have read this on that there are many exciting features as well in windows 8.1 as compared to windows 8.

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windows 8 case study

by davegerberr In reply to Windows 8 won't run appli ...

I advise you to reinstall windows, because in many settings update may break the system. Of course this is not the solution to reinstall every time, but the example here - guy just disabled updates, and do not worry.

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Interesting topic

by rolandswan In reply to windows 8 case study

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Re:Windows 8 won't run application

by ashishkochaar In reply to Windows 8 won't run appli ...

Sometimes I earlier I had also faced this same issue but the issue that is coming now
is how you can resolve it through the PC, just have a look at this and focus on the every step that is shown in the article.
I hope this is enough to make your problem resolved.

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Windows 8 won't run application

by robertosburn6 In reply to Windows 8 won't run appli ...

Method 1: Run the Performance troubleshooter and check if the issue persists.

Follow the steps to run the troubleshooter:

a. Press Windows key + C on your keyboard to show the Charms bar.

b. Type Troubleshooting and click Troubleshooting under Settings.

c. Now type Performance Troubleshooter in the search option.

d. Click on Performance troubleshooter to run the troubleshooter.

Method 2: Start your computer in safe mode and check if the computer freezes.

Step 1: Refer this link to start the computer in safe mode. If it works fine in safe mode, perform clean boot.

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Windows 8 is Windows 10's Vista

by Mikeatbdncomputers In reply to Windows 8 won't run appli ...

I know this is not a very helpful suggestion but I have given up troubleshooting a lot of issues with Win8/8.1 and upgraded to Windows 10 and have a lot of success with the issues going away. However I am hearing the free upgrade is going to expire here in the next few days!

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dating service

by nehaguptas160 In reply to Windows 8 is Windows 10's ...

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