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Windows 8.1 problem with keeping settings

By lms ·

First post so please excuse me if I get it wrong.

I have just installed Win 8 Pro and activated it no problem. I then used the free upgrade to Win 8.1 . I was doing this for a friend so I did not create a Microsoft Account when prompted but used the work around to login locally.

Unfortunately I seem to have caused a problem which does not let me save settings meaning that every time I reboot I loose folder settings, i.e. if I have set the Control Panel to show Big Icons when I reboot it reverts to listing, the Default view. I also loose the screen settings, resolution and Colour reverting back to Default.

Has anyone else experienced this and if so is there a solution??.



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Leslie - Were you ever able to figure out an answer to your issue above?

by spork66 In reply to Windows 8.1 problem with ...

I am in a similar situation, only I own the Win 8 Pro DVD loaded as the only OS on this new PC of mine. I logged on as me (LOCAL) account, searched on-line and found Win 8.1 Pro upgrade and proceeded after I had done all the prep work (Ran a File History and stored it on the 'D' drive). When Win 8.1 Pro finished loading and setting up It appeared that the only was now to sign in was as Microsoft Account and not LOCAL (which is more private and that I do appreciate) - Well now my profile is only my Microsoft Login EH not Eric - Eric (Local) does not seem to exist, yet many file attributes for EH are the ones from Eric - but many files Recent - My documents etc. are only shown in EH's file listing as shortcuts to Eric and then are not accessible - Access Denied!
Any chance you found out something that might help me her? Pls reply to

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by lsutton408 In reply to Leslie - Were you ever ab ...

I had a similar issue that is not yet resolved. I was also forced to create a email log in (MS Account) which I avoided in Win 8. I didnt see an option not to. Now I know they hide these opt outs in out of the way blue on blue but dont think there was one for the upgrade. MS wants you to have these accounts. Now I have 2 users. I decided to keep the 2 users but am struggling to associate the log ins with the actual user folders. They seem to be opposite. c:/users now has San and San_2. The logins are fred (the forced MS act) and san. The homegroups are lsut and san. Login fred points to san2 but homegroup fred points to san. There is NO fred user folder! Fun, huh!

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Isutton408 - Fun, eh?

by spork66 In reply to spork66

I have not had any time to even be on this my Win XP Box in literally 2 weeks - I would have replied to you sooner - What I found after some searching around, is that when I was 'forced' and I will use that word on purpose, as I feel we were not given the option but to login with an MS Acct,that it mixed up my local account file names and applied them to my MS Acct name I had to log into my just upgraded Win 8 Pro box to Win 8.1 Pro - I did some digging and the files I found inaccessible, I am still not sure that they will be accessible, but they are up on the 'wonderful' SkyDrive/OneDrive - WTF!?
If I want to put anything up on SkyDrive/OneDrive, that should be up to me by my choice and not forced on me by Microsoft - As far as I am concerned, they may mascarading this as a service for those careless users who can't keep their PC in safe trouble-free condition but I call it forced invasion of my privacy - If it is on my PC and I turn it off - No one has access - If it is on SkyDrive - there will be someone that will look for a way to compromise SkyDrive and hack it - Their useless and gutless apologies when that ever happens has zero value for me - I will use SkyDrive if I choose or more then likely I will not choose to use it - and likely will not use this forced MS Account and it's logon unless I have no other method

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