Windows 95 CD wont boot?

By Tyharo ·
I bought a windows 95 CD on eBay a few days ago. I want to install it on an old laptop of mine that use to have vista but now has ubuntu on it. I complete formatted the drive so there's nothing on it. I put the CD in and set the boot order to go to the CD drive first. When i reboot the bios says there is no media and no operating system. I hear the CD drive spin up but the installation never starts.

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95 does not support CD booting

by Slayer_ In reply to Windows 95 CD wont boot?

You need to use a bootable floppy.

Insure FDISK is on this thing. You will need to make a partition manually.

Next, you will need to make sure you have no more than 512MB of RAM
Next, depending on if you have 95B or 95C. You will have to make several small partitions, or up to 32 gigs of space for FAT32. If your drive is larger than 32Gigs, only 32 will be usable, even if you partition it.

After using fdisk, booting the floppy, it will probably make a CD drive called R:
type R:\Setup
This should launch the setup for Windows 95. Follow the prompts.
You may need to set your BIOS to a compatibility mode, which usually slows timing and removes hardware BIOS shadowing. You can re-enable optimum mode after you are done installing.
If you are using Win95B, you may not support FAT32, only FAT16, and therefore will need convert it to FAT32 after it is installed (there will be a tool in your start menu to do this)

Good luck finding drivers for your hardware.

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Reponse To Answer

by Tyharo In reply to 95 does not support CD bo ...

I downloaded the boot floppy, do i burn it to a cd?

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by Tyharo In reply to 95 does not support CD bo ...

First of all, this laptop does not have fdisk but i was able to make a partition using a windows xp CD. How would I boot the floppy?

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by Slayer_ In reply to 95 does not support CD bo ...

It has to be a floppy disk, and it has to be fdisk from Windows 95 (preferable version C, giving you access to FAT32, or from Windows 98 will work as well)

The ONLY other way to do it, is to install DOS 4 or 5 or 6. Once you have DOS installed (You WILL be stuck with FAT16 like this) you can read from the CD.
It is not necessary to copy the cab files as someone else suggested, the CD will have a setup.exe.

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by LeonBA In reply to Windows 95 CD wont boot?

No, you would boot from floppy disk (either built-in, if your laptop has a built-in floppy drive, or from a USB floppy drive). Then you would use fdisk on the floppy to create the partitions you want, format the hard drive, create C:\Windows\options\cabs, copy the contents of the CD's cabs folder to that location, then run setup.exe from C:\windows\options\cabs.

Also, you might want to put the Windows CD in another computer and make sure you can read it. It's always possible the CD has suffered bit rot over the years. If it's unreadable, email me (lordpeyre at yahoo.com) and I'll see what I can do to help.

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Reponse To Answer

by Tyharo In reply to Booting

I dont have a floppy drive or any floppy disks. The CD is fine and has everything needed for a windows 95 setup.

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Except the Windows 95 Install Disc

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Windows 95 CD wont boot?

Required a Floppy Disc to make it usable.

Those Install Disc's never booted directly they always used a Floppy to start the Install process.

If you want to use 95 you need a Floppy Drive to start the Install Sequence.


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98 was the first of 9x to boot directly from CD;

by Walter Bishop In reply to Windows 95 CD wont boot?

it used a boot floppy emulation
it would boot to DOS mode and get assigned A:
and only 1.45 MB of data was visible
and it was the same contents as on the 98 boot floppy

when you boot with CDROM support
you still got A: and the rest of the CD was available at the CD-ROM Drive letter
usually , E: or higher depending on installed HDs and whether or not they were partitioned into multiple drives

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Reponse To Answer

by Slayer_ In reply to 98 was the first of 9x to ...

I used to use a 98 disk to start the install for 95. Just leave the disk in until it had loaded the drivers, then swap the CD's. Made it lots easier.

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LeonBA told you right

by therealjunkman In reply to Windows 95 CD wont boot?

Follow that advice as he (she?) is exactly right. Yes, Win 98 was the first to boot directly, AS A general rule. But I know of SOME Win 95 OEM disks that were bootable, (Usually into a repair type option), and at least one LATE Win 95 disk version that would, but it was after the OSR2... With USB support, & FAT 32 support. Some early Win 95 versions only supported Fat 16... And trust us, you do not want that one! ("Normal" Floppies are Fat 12, BTW) A far better option would be at LEAST Win 98se, at a minimum... Why Win 95? Almost nothing works with it now. Or even better, a Linux distro intended for older hardware. There are many, but one of my personal favorites for older (vintage!) Hardware is Puppy Linux. It won't give you a lot of the bells and whistles, but it WILL work with more modern OS'es (in networking) on other machines, and a combination of old and newer hardware, like, your old laptop, and a webcam built yesterday morning! It also can read, and write, to a wider variety of disk file types. Win 95 can read and write, depending on version, only fat 16 or that and fat 32. (And floppies, which as I said, are Fat 12) But that's it. NO NT! Anything written by a later OS, like Win XP or later, won't show up.

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