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    Windows 95 remote nt server timeout


    by roka427 ·

    i am running in a windows NT domain using windows 9x as the clients. My drive mapping within the domain have no problems. I map to an ip address 190.x.x.x\folderx on a stand alone server from each pc by using the mapdrive. This mapping works ok thenafter an unspecified amount of time becomes unavailable. When i create the same mapping from a NT workstation box i have no problems.
    Is there something i can change on each 9x box to make this a persistent and more reliable mapping. Can i use my NT server as a gateway? Please help email at DGRIEB@CHPNET>ORG thanks.

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      Windows 95 remote nt server timeout

      by ann777 ·

      In reply to Windows 95 remote nt server timeout


      You should change the registry entry on your NT server. Note the bottom line.

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      Windows 95 remote nt server timeout

      by mr. ezekial transistor ·

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      Disconnect all the Win 95 mappings. (Network Neighborhood, Disconnect Network Drive.)

      Make a batch file containing one or more MAP commands, each establishing one of the desired drive mappings.

      Right-click the Start button, then double-click Programs, then double-click StartUp.

      From the File menu, choose New, then choose Shortcut.

      The Create Shortcut wizard appears. On the first page, enter the name of your batch file, including the complete path (for example, C:\STUFF\DOMAP.BAT). Then click Next.

      On the next two pages of the Create Shortcut wizard, you can select a name and icon for your batch file. It doesn’t matter what you select.

      After exiting from the Create Shortcut wizard, right-click on the new shortcut you just created, and choose Properties.

      Click the Program tab at the top of the properties page. Then, make sure that the “Close on exit” box is checked. Finally, click OK to exit from the properties page.
      When you start Windows 95, the batch file containing the MAP commands is executed automatically. This should establish the drive mappings you want, without using the persistent drive mapping feature of Windows 95.

      If you ever want to change it simply edit the batch file.

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      Windows 95 remote nt server timeout

      by gijoe ·

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      035 ? Managing the Mapped Network Drive dropdown list.

      If you want to remove some the connections in the list, edit:

      Highlight and delete unwanted entires. Then double click Order and remove the letters that have been deleted. You may rearrange the letters to change the display order.

      0340 ? Persistent Connections registry entries for users.

      HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Network\PersistentConnections

      These values are all type REG_SZ.

      The Persistent Connections sub-key stores data about the most recent connections to your network drives.

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      Windows 95 remote nt server timeout

      by roka427 ·

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