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Windows 95\98\98Se Porgrams

By bigjake52 ·
Hey guys,
I am fixing some old Windows 9x computers at my school, and I am looking for some programs to run on them,

The computers have
32Mb of ram
300+MH Prosser

and programs that you know of that run on 9x I would love to know, I am coming from a mac background and would like help on this thanks,

they are looking for
Virus software (With all of the crap)
internet browser
media (music)
usb Hard drive Driver,
and any other programs that you know of, and they have to play nice on a network as well, t

thanks so much tho

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You ask much.

by santeewelding In reply to Windows 95\98\98Se Porgra ...

Reminds me of an active railroad museum here. They keep steam engines alive on the tracks, and there are no parts available at WalMart.

That's where I come in. It's costly -- and, problematic.

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Ok, I shall try

by Slayer_ In reply to Windows 95\98\98Se Porgra ...

Big gap between 95 and 98, so more specific would help.

No current good virus scanners for Win95, 98 can use Avast
Games, plenty, everything DX8 and lower usually works on Win95.
Internet Browser:
Win 95: Get yourself IE5.5 SP2
For Win98, I believe you can use IE7 and Opera. Firefox maybe even as well.
Media: Anything you want, Windows Media player, even from Win95 is still compatible, though, install Desktop Update and the media player with IE5.5 (Version 6.4 I think) can play all the same files and codecs as WMP10 can.
USB Hard Drive Controller... This could be more challenging, would depend on the make of the drive, check their sites. 95 and 98 drivers are often interchangable. But Win95 didn't really support USB, and only USB1.0. It would be brutal to try and use an external HDD without USB 2

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I've still got all the software and games I got when I had

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Windows 95\98\98Se Porgra ...

a 386 running Win 3.11 and everything since - send me a ticket to Alberta and back, and I'll bring it over so you can load it on.

BTW That system sounds like it's a late Pentium 1 or early Pentium 2 - that RAM sounds more like a late P1 - I've also got a big pile of old RAM chips for those things too, if you want them, I can bring them with me.

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Diskless Systems

by Sawan Gupta In reply to Windows 95\98\98Se Porgra ...


If you are not really very keen to install the software on those machines directly, then you might wanna use them as Diskless System (Thick Server+Thin Client Computing).

Using the existing computers, upgrade the NIC (network adapter so that they can boot up on LAN). Get a good configuration server, so that it can support all the diskless system boot through it and then establish a remote desktop connection on the server.

We implemented this couple years back using WinConnect Server XP software (if you want to provide Windows environment), though it can easily done on Linux too if users are ready to move to Linux environment.

The major advantage of having such an environment is that that you don't need to install software on each and every system. Just upgrade the server and all the clients will get the new environment. Install the software on server and all clients will be bale to use it (Ofcourse you need licenses for all users).

Hope that helps.

Sawan Gupta

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The real question here is - EXACTLY what DO you want the

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Windows 95\98\98Se Porgra ...

systems to do when you're finished setting them up?

Sure, you can set them up as Win 98 systems, but you could also set them up as Linux systems as well.

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by asmiasmi In reply to Windows 95\98\98Se Porgra ...

people are moving to advance technology and you are moving backwards. its so interesting.havent played with it.

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what you will have to do

by jck In reply to Windows 95\98\98Se Porgra ...

With regards to Windows 95...

As well as I remember it, the version has to be Windows 95C OSR 2.5 to support USB, and takes a special setup process to even have the chance of making USB work.

As for software, look at an outlet software store online or something.

Virus software: Check out Avast or AVG to see if they are still 98/XP compatible.
Internet Browser: Probably Opera is your best bet.
Media: Just go to Download.com and see what they have for free.
USB Hard Drive Driver: you have to see if the manufacturer has a 98/XP driver for the specific one you use.

As for Games, get anything OpenGL 2 or DirectX 9.0c compliant.

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