Windows 98

By kiranchinnu ·
Hi all,
Can you pls tell me whether windows 98 work in windows 2003server environment coz my domain controller @ the moment is windows 2000server and I want to upgrade to 2k3 servers...?
Answers r appreciated.

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Apparently yes.

by 1bn0 In reply to Windows 98

How to enable Windows 98/ME/NT clients to logon to Windows 2003 based Domains

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thank you

by kiranchinnu In reply to Apparently yes.

thank you for the reply...
but any limitations or care taking tips when adding this to domain?

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98 is not really a secure OS

by Dumphrey In reply to thank you

and any user can log on just by skipping the password..
GPO may not work correctly on 98.
Plus side, 98 has full DOS support for scripting =)

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by 1bn0 In reply to thank you

Most AntiVirus Companies no longer "support" Windows 9x OS's.

You can lock down Windows 9X using policies , but I can't find the tutorial I used to have for it.

It provided instructions on how to lock down Windows 98 so a user could not access the machine unless they authenticated with the server. Otherwise it would just revert back to the logon screen.

Without it a usercan hit escape and gain COMPLETE access to tthe local computer.

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Yep it will work

by Jacky Howe In reply to Windows 98

but from memory it is wise to use WINS. A valid point was made on the Antivirus or lack of it. I used to use .inf files loaded from a Batch File to put restrictions on the 98 PC's. Example:


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