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By GJ2008 ·
Hi, I've just installed a new hard drive with Windows 98 on it on my PC. The hard drive is 20Gb but only 2Gb is showing for the C:. There is only the one partition and I performed a clean installation. Any idea what happened to the rest of the space? How can I get around this?

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by TheChas In reply to Windows 98

First, what size does the BIOS report for the hard drive?

If this is a very old PC, the BIOS might be limited to 2GB for hard drive size.

If the BIOS does not report the hard drive size properly, your lowest cost option is to download and use the hard drive BIOS overlay utility from the hard drive manufacture.

When you set up the partition on the drive, did you boot from a Windows 98 startup floppy?

If you used a DOS floppy, or a W95 startup disk, the version of fdisk would limit you to 2GB for the Primary DOS partition.

Or, if you answered NO to the prompt to enable large hard drive support, you would be limited to 2GB per partition also.

To fix it now, you have 2 choices:

1. Start over and make sure that fdisk sets up the correct hard drive size.

2. Use a partition manager utility such as Partition Magic to resize the Primary DOS partition.


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by pablok In reply to Windows 98

do the fdisk procedure again, and remove all the
partitions,then re-create it. if u still have the problem try a bios update.

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