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    Windows 98 and System Tray


    by greg.hamilton ·

    Good Day,
    I have a Windows 98 workstation that is losing icons from the System Tray. I loaded a new program and in order to configure it I’m required to right-click the icon in the Systen Tray. When I reboot the system, there is no icon to be found. I’ve loaded the same program on other 98 and 2000 workstations and had no problem. I’ve also noticed that an icon from a label printing program has disappeared. Would anyone know why this might happen and how to fix it?
    Thank you,
    G. Hamilton

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      What program is doing this?

      by funinalaska ·

      In reply to Windows 98 and System Tray

      It is hard to help you without knowing what program you have loaded. Windows operating versions can conflict based on software. Can you go to their web site to see if you need to downloads any updates? Usually any software you buy is not complete until you download their updates based on bugs. Perhaps you have hit a common problem with this software.
      If that doesn’t help go to the Windows Update page thru your browser window and see if there are any known conflicts with the software running on two operating sytems.
      Hope this helps.

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