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    Windows 98 and USB


    by mr-doo-wop ·

    I have an AMD Athlon XP 1800+ with 256 MB of ram running Windows 98 SE. It has four USB ports: two on the motherboard and two on a pci expansion card.

    Until recently, I have been running with three USB devices (scanner, speakers and DSL modem) without any problems. When I needed to purchase another ink jet printer, I purchased a USB ink jet for the fourth USB port.

    That is when my problems began. Immediately, my scanner wasn?t always recognized and I would have to unplug it and replug it before it would be recognized. After about 3-4 days, the PC would not find the scanner anymore. After a couple of more days, it did not find the printer. Even exchanging the printer did not alter this. Finally, after a couple more days, the speakers stopped working.

    The only USB device that is still working is the DSL modem. It was the only USB device that loaded USB drivers upon installation. In fact, it will work from any of the four USB ports.

    A friend told me that 98 was not written to support USB and was added after the operating system was complete. He suggested that if I updated to Windows ME or XP, my problem should be resolved.

    That?s fine. But before I spend the $200.00 for XP, can anyone think of anything else it might be?

    Thanks in advance.

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      Reply To: Windows 98 and USB

      by ryder007 ·

      In reply to Windows 98 and USB

      Your friend is right. What you may try is getting rid of the usb connection for the dsl modem and installing a network card for it. This is much more reliable to connect your modem. The problem with usb 1.1 is there is only 11mbs of bandwidth which all devices must share. I would go with the network card for the modem and then try to find a updated bios for your motherboard.

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      Reply To: Windows 98 and USB

      by jschein ·

      In reply to Windows 98 and USB

      Also, u stated that you added more usb devices… USB devices suck power from your power supply. What max power is your power supply. You may just need to upgrade from a 200w to a 350 or 400 so the power drain does not happen again.

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      Reply To: Windows 98 and USB

      by thechas ·

      In reply to Windows 98 and USB

      Windows 98 has FULL USB compatibility.

      It was Windows 95 that had USB added on as an afterthought.

      If your USB devices do not function under W98, I would still expect problems with XP.
      DO NOT install Windows Me! It is generally regarded as the worst version of Windows.

      I would try a powered USB hub before anything else.
      Many motherboards limit the amount of power available to the USB ports. It is possible that the power lines for the ports have failed.


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      Reply To: Windows 98 and USB

      by azraelissime ·

      In reply to Windows 98 and USB

      TheChas is right in his all answer.

      You can also update your mother board chipset. This may help. Check if there is any USB patch for it as well.
      (Even though drivers and software are released after extensive testing, they can become outdated quite quickly. New drivers and software are posted frequently after a product is released. To find such updates, check with the system manufacturer first, then the motherboard manufacturer but only if they are not available from the system manufacturer. If neither company has updated drivers, check with the chipset developer, though this should be the last resort as the motherboard or system manufacturer may have customised drivers. It is also advisable to verify with system vendors to ensure that generic drivers works with your setup.)

      Also check for IRQ conflict (sound stupid but it happen)

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