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Windows 98 boot up problem

By ashutosh.raina ·
There is a problem with one of my PC's.
It boots in safe mode directly and when by pressing "F8" it hangs ...

Can somebody help me out.

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by rwaynec In reply to Windows 98 boot up proble ...

If you can still backup in safe mode, do that first. It sounds like a driver conflict or something is trying to load that is no longer there. If the problem just started recently then try the "scanreg" utility that comes with Win 98 and restore the registry back before the problem. Another thing is to use "StartUp Manager 2.0, it's a shareware and it will show you what is loading. If you can't find it, e-mail ", he's the creator. GOOD LUCK

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u r boot problem

by mymsn In reply to Windows 98 boot up proble ...

The main problem may lay with u r system drivers u installed. or if ur monitor connection is set up perfectly to ur cpu. Check these both things u will get ur system to normal condition. The main reason the sytem goes into safe mode is due to confliction. Get rid of this. Check all the drivers u installed in ur computer

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Boot Up

by InXale In reply to Windows 98 boot up proble ...

Have you installed a new piece of hardware and left the drivers in from the original setup?

If I could get into the system via Safe Mode then I would delete all reference of drivers and let Windows re-install them. But do check the IRQ's first.

Do you have any spare IRQ's left? Re-install the hardware piece by piece until it crashes again. Install default graphics card drivers , so that at least it is running at 16 bit. If everything ok , update graphics card drivers. If system crashesagain , it doesn't mean the fault is with the card , but that you have a conflict within the pieces of hardware.


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check your msdos.sys

by gintaras In reply to Windows 98 boot up proble ...

Use a floppy to boot your computer. Then change to C:\Windows\Command, type EDIT. When the blue window opens press Alt+F --> Open...
Select Ms-dos.sys. Check value of the "Boot in safe mode=" is 1 or 0. It should be 0.

Try it.

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