Windows 98 compatible antivirus

By vnoqmar ·
Previously on my old system i was running windows 98 SE and the antivirus which been installed was MCAfee , was running fine but recently i cant update them it shows fail to update even if i reinstall them..

Can anyone suggest me an antivirus best to use in win98...

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by 3xp3rt In reply to Windows 98 compatible ant ...

I suggest AVG. You can download and install free or commercial version from, or The Windows version of AVG run even under Windows 98.

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I have to agree

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Solution

I reloaded a Win 98SE machine earlier this week for a customer and I put the latest AVG Free program on it and it worked perfectly.

They had a copy of VET AV on the system when I got it but as they didn't pass on the install media I'm not sure which version they had or how well it was working. But to be fair the reload was forced by adding some new hardware and messing up the driver installation.


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Use AVG for Win 98 Se

by ssmith In reply to Solution

The AVG software works great. You may want to do a custom install of their free software. Turn off what slows your computer down and install ( you can always reinstall if you do not like the results, which only takes a few minutes). I turned off the office/windows option because word comes up slow. You can achieve fast surfing by turning off the Control center at start up by using MS config (cc avgr file not avgr exe).

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Where did you download from?

by fjcchase In reply to Use AVG for Win 98 Se

I tried downloading from CNET site the free version but it gave me errors when I tried to install. Can you provide the link that you downloaded from.

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AVG (new versions) not compatible w/W-98

by Penguin4 In reply to Where did you download fr ...

New versions of AVG (10.0 aka AVG 2011) require XP or newer. But Win2000 is not supported.

I have an little old lady with Win98 who needs a nice free AV and I'm searching also.

AVG 9 continues to be supported for Win2000 and is still available. I am not sure if it works on W98.

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by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to Windows 98 compatible ant ...

Macafee is out of date and will not update

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by henkrooderkerk In reply to Windows 98 compatible ant ...

Well i had the same problem on my other pc. I used Norman shark ever since and the problem was gone..
I would suggest to use This antivirus, its not well known but it works terrific even on older pc's

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use NAV 5.0 and Update Manual

by ismail_ngr In reply to Windows 98 compatible ant ...

Here in our nation my few clients are still using Win98SE. So we installed Norton Anti-Virus 5.0 and Updating the virus definition manually from the website. Currently the Virus Def size is nearly 12 MB. Don't use Live update and change the settings for scan all files. Otherwise your computer able in infect such VB script virus , Like HTML.Redlof.A (or) Sorraci.B.

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good luck

by technon1 In reply to Windows 98 compatible ant ...

Good luck finding any new antiviruses for windows 98 other than Clamwin but you can go to and download norton 2002,2003,2004 which are all compatible with windows 98.

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