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Windows 98 found Unknown Hardware

By leecherous ·
I'd like to know how to eliminate the annoying Windows 98 SE boot-up warning message prior to normal desktop operation. The message displayed, "Windows found UNKNOWN hardware" keeps popping up which I have to cancel in order to continue. I really don't care about searching for the unknown hardware since the operating system, its applications and DSL network run normally without failure. The Control Panel System Icon's Device Manager indicates no hardware errors. The sound, video, modem and network adapters function normally. The computer is a Pentium III with 128 MB RAM, 40 GB HDD and CDROM. I've attempted to locate this "Unknown Hardware Device" and its drivers, through "Add-New Hardware," the Windows 98 SE CDROM installation disk, and the Windows System Directories on the C: Drive without success.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Windows 98 found Unknown ...

could be a hold over from botched printer install. lexmark? canon? could be usb driver thing...
you SURE no yellow bangs or exclamation points on anything in Device Manager? if you did find something in there you could disable it for cheat way of ditching this error message.

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by TheChas In reply to Windows 98 found Unknown ...

You most likely have a corrupt or missing device driver.

Right click on the My Computer icon, and select properties.

Click on the Device Manager tab.

Look for devices that have a yellow "?" or "!" mark in front of them.

Identify the specific hardware that is causing the problem.

Download and install the latest device driver.


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by leecherous In reply to Windows 98 found Unknown ...

I forgot to mention, prior to my boot-up warning message, "Windows found UNKNOWN hardware" problem, I did have Device Manager's column-row indicate "Unknown Device." I simply removed the "yellow-question-marked (?) device. Now, I can't find the unknown device, Windows can't find the unknown device and I can't install it because I don't know what the device is.

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by cglrcng In reply to Windows 98 found Unknown ...

Here's a Chas suggested you need to find out what hardware device that is that needs a hardware driver for the item to "go away", or you need to disable or remove the device.

Lets attempt to find out what device it could be shall we? Remove any printers that are installed that does not have a proper driver installed first. Now go to; and download the "Free for personal use" Belarc Advisor, install and run it then copy the hardware/software inventory and paste into an e-mail to me; cglrcng at (replace the at w/the @ symbol).

I'll look it over and get right back to you if I see a hardware item category without a hardware item showing up installed. Try to point you in the right direction from there.

At least then you'll know what doesn't show installed properly, what you need to actually remove, install the driver for, or what to actually disable. Though installing the proper driver would be best if you only knew what device it actually was.

Many times it is the modem sound driver for a data/fax modem or a portion of the sound card drivers or an add in USB card or something like that.

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by cok In reply to Windows 98 found Unknown ...

at (Free Reg) you can download a program driver update, when you run the program on your pc, it will identify and do all the updates for you.

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by Rohit Kumar D In reply to Windows 98 found Unknown ...

if the system is working fine & u just want remove the warning message, then just give next next & complete the installation. Go to "my computer" properties device manager u will find the device with a yellow mark.just right click & diable the device. windows will never prompt u to install that perticular hardware.

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by youssifm In reply to Windows 98 found Unknown ...

teck is right since he mentioned in question that he doesn't care about the device, although i think the dsl if usb and "alcatel" this maybe the reason.

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by leecherous In reply to Windows 98 found Unknown ...

I will simply eliminate "Windows 98 found Unknown Hardware" errors by disabling the ?? hardware in "Device Manager." That should do it.
ALL HARDWARE, sound, video, modem, USB ports, printer, etc. devices are functioning normal. Thanks for all the input and advice.

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by leecherous In reply to

I am going to close this problem since it's been duplicated on this forum. My problem has cleared since reinstalling Windows 98 and all software to hardware drivers originally packaged with my computer. In other words, starting all over was a successful fix.

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by leecherous In reply to Windows 98 found Unknown ...

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