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Windows 98 - IE hang on shutdown

By d.haspel ·
When trying to shutdown windows using the START, SHUTDOWN options, apparently Windows hangs up. I have tp hit ATL,ALT,DEL and then END TASK.
I believe that this started when I tried to download the new Microsoft Toolbar, This was unsuccessful due to older version if IE.

How can I correct this situation?

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by TheChas In reply to Windows 98 - IE hang on s ...

Start by running system file checker (SFC) from the run box on the start menu.

Then go to the Add/Remove Programs menu. Select IE and then repair.
If that does not help, either re-install the version of IE that you are running, or install IE 5.5 SP2.

(You can download IE 5.5 from the browser archive at

I recommend against installing IE6 on W98 boxes unless the driver for your video card supports DirectX 9.

You will want to get the latest security updates for IE 5.5 from Microsoft.


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by w2ktechman In reply to Windows 98 - IE hang on s ...

If you look on Windowsupdate, MS has a shutdown patch under recommended updates for Win98.

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by zlitocook In reply to Windows 98 - IE hang on s ...

Welcome to Windows! There are lots of ways to fix, update or just do what you want.It depends on your O/S and what you have updated on your system. And what you have loaded on your computer. I run Windows 98SE on my internet computer but I also use a software firewall, antivirus. And run a antitrojan and addaware program. I run and update all of these at least once a week. I like windowwasher because it removes alot of trash that I do not need to see. And after it is done I can reboot with no problems.

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by tmohan888 In reply to Windows 98 - IE hang on s ...

download the shutdownpatch from the mocisoft site.

this should work

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