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Windows 98 install problem

By ibooth ·
I had a problem with windows locking up quite often so I formatted the HDD for a clean start.

After selecting option 1 (Start windows 98 setup from CDROM)in the boot sequence I then get these messages: Device name OEMCD001, No drivers found, aborting instalation. The boot sequence then continues until it finishes with the message: The Windows 98 setup files were not found.

I tried another original boot disc from a friend but the result was the same. I would appreciate any help you can give me.


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by pierrejamme In reply to Windows 98 install proble ...

Sounds like your 98 cd is not bootable. For Win98 install you should be booting from a floppy configured for loading a cdrom. You would probably err out with booting from the Win98 CD.

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by ibooth In reply to

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I'm sorry pierrejamme, I didn't make it clear in my request that I am booting from a floppy. Thanks any way.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Windows 98 install proble ...

i believe it is not finding your cdrom in it's driver list. can you borrow another cd rom to try or examine what you have and we will look it up? you probably have a cdrom attached to a proprietary controller...we can help you find the drivers if we had more info.
another thing you can try is to copy the win98 folder on the cd to c:\windows\options folder, then rename the win98 folder 'cabs'. then, boot from your floppy, and run setup thusly: c:\windows\options\cabs\setup
hope this helps

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by sgt_shultz In reply to

i meant: copy the files when windows is booted. because the windows drivers work, but the DOS drivers don't, see?

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by Curacao_Dejavu In reply to Windows 98 install proble ...

when booting use the option start windows with cd rom support.
then go to the cd c-drive with the command "c:"
then do "md win98"
the "cd win"
go to the d-drive (assuming d is the cdrom) "d:"
then "cd win98"
then "copy *.* c:"
this will copy all files from the win98 folder from the cdrom to the harddisk in the c:\win98 folder.
then restart the machine
use the option "start windows without cdrom"
then go to the c-drive with "c:"
the "cd win98"
then "setup"
and thus setup will start and you can proceed.


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by johnmaxy In reply to Windows 98 install proble ...

I agree with answer 3, partly. Boot from the disk, choose the option "with CD rom support". Then the pc tells you the drive name where the cdrom is (can be any drive name, let's say "E"). Then type after a cd E: [enter]
then type "setup"[enter]
normally win98 setup should start now...
Good luck.

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by TheChas In reply to Windows 98 install proble ...

The W98 default CD drivers may not function with the chip-set on your motherboard.

Try one of the alternate boot disks offered at:

Another option, may be to use the drivers on the CD-ROM GOD disk. I think there is a link to this at bootdisk.


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by Mark In reply to Windows 98 install proble ...

It does look like your real mode CDROM drivers are not loading. I suggest you let your friend hookup your HD to his PC as an additional drive. From the boot floppy or his PC (if he is on 98), run sys X: where X is your drive letter. This makes the HD bootable. Then copy the WIN98 folder from the CD to your HD. Put your HD back on your PC. Boot up and run C:\WIN98\SETUP.EXE. You are probably going to need hardware drivers too. And if your PC was locking up before, it still might. Could be a hardware issue. Make sure your have good cooling fan and not a Cyrix CPU. It's actually better to setup 98 from the HD cause it will find the cab files whenever they are needed. If you want to be more professional, but the contents of the WIN98 folder from the CD into C:\WINDOWS\OPTIONS\CABS. Then run setup from there.

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by ibooth In reply to Windows 98 install proble ...

Thank you all for your answers. This level of involvement is quite new to me so it will take a little time for me to work my way through your suggestions. I'll let you know what works.

I'm sorry, I didn't make it clear that I am booting with a floppy.

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