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Windows 98 Install problems on modern machine

By salohcinsnave ·

Windows 98 hangs during the install process every time it tries to detect any plug n play devices/other hardware.

I have tried restarting the computer but when the windows 98 logo screen appears it just hangs again.

I wonder if this may be because I have very recent hardware?


Motherboard: ASUS A8N-SLI SE
Processor: AMD Dual Core 4200
RAM: 1Gb
Graphics: Nvidia 6600 Geforce 512Mb
Sound: (built into motherboard)

I also have a a Creative DVD player, LG CD-Writer and a 40Gb Seagate Harddrive (non-scsi).

Any help would be much appreciated.

Oh by the way, I have succesfully installed Slackware Linux 10.2 on this machine without any problems, so that discounts my hardware being at fault.

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by Mr.Wiz In reply to Windows 98 Install proble ...

Win98 is a single processor OS. That could be the problem as well as some of the other specs like too much memory. Why would you want to install 98 on a modern system like this anyway?

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by CG IT In reply to Windows 98 Install proble ...

yeah W9X has a known issue with addressing memory above 512MB.

Geez get XP Pro from

if you have the $$ to spend on the rig you ought to have the $$ for XP PRo

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by TheChas In reply to Windows 98 Install proble ...

Windows 98's native hardware drivers do not support the N-Force chip-set.

Your large amount of system RAM, and high horsepower video card are not helping the situation any.

Start by making sure that you have the expanded (not a zip or exe) chip-set driver files on the hard drive.

Then, drop your RAM back to 256MB or 384MB.

After you get the system running, use the hints in this MS article to set W98 to use large amounts of RAM.;en-us;253**2

You might also find it necessary to drop back to a basic PCI video card until you have the chip-set drivers running.


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by wcp In reply to Windows 98 Install proble ...

The MB supports only Windows 2K and XP. It says so in the manual.

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