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    Windows 98 Installation Problem


    by shanghai sam ·

    I face a problem that my machine infected by CIH virus, I already
    formated my hard and reinstall all windows programs again, but some kernel errors appear, so I upgraded windows98 to Windows ME but the errors still exist.
    then I removed Windows MEand install Windows 98 SE in a new location and
    at the portion of configuring system settings message appear that the
    registry file is damaged and should be repair then it can not fix the the problem and I try to load in safe mode but same problemand i try to run
    scanreg.exe from dos mode but cannot fix the problem.
    finally I tried many times to install Windows 98 and ME in a new location and reformat the hard but same problem.
    I can not complete install windows 98 SE or ME.
    Please explain to me what can I do.

    Your reply will be highly appreciated.

    Thanks very much.

    El-Sayed Aly El-Sayed

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      by jtpetty1 ·

      In reply to Windows 98 Installation Problem

      It sounds like your boot sector has been infected. You should run “fdisk /mbr” from a boot floppy. This does a fdisk on you Master boot Record.

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      Did you clean the Master Boot Record?

      by gloydster ·

      In reply to Windows 98 Installation Problem

      When you format, clean it by (format c:/MBR)
      Try that or the other think is it might be a bad sector on the HD right where you want to install.

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