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    Windows 98 Laptop won’t boot


    by hancock ·

    My client has a IBM laptop with Windows 98SE on it. The laptop starts and completes memory check. It then stalls out when loading Windows. My client needs some data files from the laptop that were not backed up. It does not have network connectivity or a working floppy drive. What can I do to retieve his files? He is not concerned with keeping the laptop in service since he bought a XP laptop from me.

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      by hal 9000 ·

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      Remove the NB’s HDD and Take off any jumpers that may be on it and fit it to a USB Caddy and plug it into a working Computer that can read FAT Partitions.

      You may need to take ownership of any files that are on the HDD by following these directions

      If the drive isn’t working you’ll need to discuss just how important these files actually are and then send the drive off to a Data Recovery House for recovery if they warrant the cost involved. Also if the files are encrypted it makes it harder as you’ll need to know what Encryption Program was used and where to find the Encryption Keys.


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      Reply To: Windows 98 Laptop won’t boot

      by 3xp3rt ·

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      To do this without removing any parts from laptop, there are two solutions:
      1. If there is a CD ROM you can boot from a boot cd, and after this you can try to repair the windows 98 OS, or recover all your data.
      2. Make a boot USB pen drive, and boot from this.

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