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Windows 98 network problem

By netadmin ·
I have a computer network with Windows 98 computers and a Windows 2000 server. It is a peer-to-peer workgroup.

My Windows 98 workstation can see every computer in Network Neighborhood, except for itself. It can ping everybody by IP Address, andin most cases by name. However, when pinging by name it takes a really long time before it finds it.

If I type in \\COMPUTER_NAME in Network Neighborhood I can reach any other computer on the network. But if I type that same command in with thename of my computer, It is unable to find it.

Any ideas what the problem could possibly be. I have File and Print Sharing for Microsoft Networks installed, as well as Client for Microsoft Networks.


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Windows 98 network problem

by seandurcan In reply to Windows 98 network proble ...

Normally, I find the quickest way around this problem is to remove the network card drivers, reboot and reinstall the drivers. One thing to check first is the protocols. Netbeui is very suited to a small network. If you're using TCP/IP, check your addressing carefully. I don't know how many times I've come across simple stuff like that.

Hope this helps.

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Windows 98 network problem

by sgt_shultz In reply to Windows 98 network proble ...

ok, so everybody can see it, and it can see everybody, just won't give you a explorer window when you are sitting at that computer and type in \\computer_name, right? what is your exact error?
if i were there, i would sit down at that machine and go to a command prompt and type 'net view' <enter> and see if the computer shows up in the list. if it does, i would make real sure i was spelling it correctly. and if i determined i was spelling it correctly, i might change the name to a real simple one that it has only lowercase alpha characters, no illegal characters for a test...
did this machine ever work?
try removing and reinstalling tcpip....
check the wins and dns settings to make sure they are the same as on the 98 computers that 'work'...
i think your slow access is a browse issue but that is just out of my hat...if it is a browse issue it is probably fixed by now as enuf time has passed to get the new machine in the browse list...

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Windows 98 network problem

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Windows 98 network proble ...

I has a similar problem on a client's 5 pc network. I solved the problem by going around to each machine and renaming each machine, when I typed the names in I used the same name but had the caps lock on. Then rebooted every machine and told them touse caps lock when typing a machine name whilst requesting access. never had another problem with it.

I suspect that it is a glitch in how the name is stored, some programs check with case sensitivity some without, some expect and will only accept uppercase characters. When you name a machine some MS o/ss will always show the name in uppercase, but store it in the case that you type it in as.

It can't hurt to give the name changing a go and see what happens.

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Windows 98 network problem

by ctmoore1998 In reply to Windows 98 network proble ...

Check the following in your Network neighborhood properties.
1. that the workgroup is the same as all other workstations.
2. The the IP address and subnet mask are correct. If your network is then your subnet has to be
3. Make sure your default gateway is correct on problem workstation.
4. Ensure that file / print sharing is enabled. Just install file / print sharing doesn't enable it click on and choose properties and make sure each has a check mark or at least file sharing has a check mark.
Finally from a DOS prompt do a IPCONFIG /all and verify the network parmeters.

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