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windows 98 on an xp machine

By boy_racer69 ·
My windows xp machine was playing up and i decided to try and reboot. When a found a cd saying reboot disk on it i thought it was the one to use, so stupidly used it, but now it has loaded windows 98 on my sounda card or video card or anything like that!i now cant find the other reload cd,and i hav a copy of windows xp pro but no product key!can you help pleasE?

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by zaferus In reply to windows 98 on an xp machi ...

How bad off you are depends if you have these two directories on your root of c:


If you have both - Windows 98 probably installed in a different directory. If so try to recover your system by popping in your windows XP CD, boot off of it, and run a repair.

If you installed Windows 98 over your XP directory - you are going to have to re-install from scratch, and find your XP key...


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by zaferus In reply to

If you have Windows installed in two different directories, you may be able to point a key retrieval program at your XP registry (even though it's not loaded). But if it's overwritten your current installation in the same directory your old reg keys will be overwritten - and it won't be possible to recover this key.

Sorry if I'm the bearer of bad news here...

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by dmiles In reply to windows 98 on an xp machi ...

See TR article on XP product key

In reality, ViewKeyXP is a hacker tool used to reveal Windows XP product keys. But just because it can be used maliciously doesn?t mean that you can?t use it for good.

ViewKeyXP performs a reverse hash on the Product ID that you find in the Registered To box when you right-click My Computer and select Properties. Taking this number, ViewKeyXP deciphers and displays your original product key. You can then write this number down and reinstall Windows XP. When prompted, all you have to do is reenter this number and you?re ready to go.

Other Windows software uses product keys, but ViewKeyXP won?t help you find those keys. It works only with Windows XP. However, it will reveal the product key no matter what version of Windows XP you?re running: Home, Professional, or the Corporate Edition.

Obtaining and using ViewKeyXP
You can find ViewKeyXP on the Internet by doing a simple Google Search. Be very careful when you download it. Because it is a hacker tool and not supported by any legitimate organization, don?t be surprised if the version you?ve download has a virus embedded in it. If you choose to download the file, make sure you scan it with an updated virus-scanning program before using it.

In today?s world of setup wizards and multi-megabyte downloads, ViewKeyXP is amazingly simple. The file itself, Viewkeyxp.exe, is small?only 32 KB. There is no installation program. Just run the program, either from the command line or by double-clicking it from the folder you downloaded it to

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by boy_racer69 In reply to windows 98 on an xp machi ...

yeh however im currently running win 98 and wen i run the view product key program it gives me my windows 98 key!

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by LMon In reply to windows 98 on an xp machi ...

Try downloading belarc advisor. This will give you all the product keys that are installed currently on your system from the windows key to your MO key.

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by boy_racer69 In reply to windows 98 on an xp machi ...

i have got a windows xp pro disc from a friend who does not have the product key for it and obviously it is not installed on my system is there anyway i can track the product key down?

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