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    Windows 98 Preparation tool


    by it support services manager ·

    I need a copy of windows 98 preparation tool so I can clone my drives. I can’t find it! I have tried the windows 98 CD, the resource kit, and microsoft web site. Does anyone know where I can find this?

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      Windows 98 Preparation tool

      by todd o. ·

      In reply to Windows 98 Preparation tool


      From Microsoft:

      “The Image Preparation Tool for Windows 98 provides an easy and cost-efficient way for corporate customers to deploy Windows 98. A third-party disk-imagecopying tool is required in addition to the Image Preparation Tool.

      “The tool is available for customers enrolled in a Microsoft Open, Select, or Enterprise agreement, and it works like this: You create a standard desktop setup with all of your system and application settings, then run the Windows 98 Image Preparation Tool. This tool lets you create a Windows 98 image (including applications) that you can copy using any third-party disk imaging software that supports long filenames. Once you create the master image, you can copy it to another machine. Windows 98 automatically detects changes in the hardware and adjusts the configuration to fit the new hardware.”

      “The Microsoft system preparation tool for Windows 98 is available freeof charge to Microso

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