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Windows 98 safe to continue using as Terminal Server Client?

By johnbennett ·
I have 10 Windows 98 machines that are only used to launch a Remote Desktop connection to a Windows 2000 Terminal Server. They aren't used to authenticate to the domain, run applications, access the Internet, email, etc. They used to be used in that fashion but now we use the Terminal Server exclusively for everything. They are monitored and scanned routinely for viruses by Symantec Corp anti virus and we also have an enterprise-class firewall in place.

I am faced with a situation of either upgrading the OS to Windows XP Pro (along with a hardware upgrade) on all the machines just to continue running the Remote Desktop software which connects to the Terminal Server or purchasing Thin-client units to replace the existing workstations.

I am aware that support for Windows 98 from Microsoft has expired but does anyone have any recommendations on the cost effectiveness and risks of staying with the current setup when it works? I have looked at a product called "DOSRDP" which can connect to a Terminal Server via a DOS floppy boot disk but my evaluations of this product have not been very positive and Windows 2000 Terminal Server doesn't have a DOS client. My other option would be to upgrade our Terminal Server with Citrix but there again, is a significant cost increase for something that currently works.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

John Bennett

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get rid off w98 machines

by MF. In reply to Windows 98 safe to contin ...

Hi there,

we also have a w2k network and we use Citrix in stead of Microsoft RDP. We are currently replacing all of our w98 machines with Wyse terminals. These are much easier to install and to maintain. And no worries of virusses on the machines as there is no HDD, FDD or CD/DVD.
With regards,

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I have to agree, but don't know if Citrix is your answer either

by AWJackson In reply to get rid off w98 machines

I don't know how old your WIN 98 Systems are, but I've recently done a similar analysis. My decision was finalized when I considered actual use of the terminals/PC's. 1st, not all of my WIN 98 machines were exactly the same, so I was able to purchase a few XP CALs and upgrade a few of the machines, with little to no downtime and additional hardware cost. The other systems I've left runing WIN98 (and 1 ME), solely because of the very limited use they actually get.

So if you were to ask me, look at how ofter they're actually used. I've loaded WIN XP on a 233MMX machine which runs perfectly fine since I'm only having it used to run TS (and the people that use it, even feel it runs faster?).

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