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Windows 98 Scandisk runs on.....

By BarryVG ·
Have a 10gb drive in k6-2/500 system. Drive has tendency to run constantly searching for ????. Run Scandisk and the process never completes. Restarts and when bar shows 3 blocks, works for bit, then restarts. Have run for hours and never completes. Suggestion on what to check would be helpful. DOS mode scandisk runs fine and completes normal. No problems found with surface scan.

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by John M. F. Kallevik In reply to Windows 98 Scandisk runs ...


I had the same problem on my Dell Inspiron Laptop, using a 10Gb drive. It simply seems like Scandisk has some problems with large volumes. I also had the same problem using the windows version of Nuts&Bolts Diskminder, although Norton's toolsseem to work fine.


Well, simply try another disktool. The Scandisk bundled with Win/DOS is ok, but not excactly top-of-the line. Try Norton Utilities, or something similar, and you might end up better off.

Hope it helps...John.John M. F. Kallevik
Inter:Active Designs,
Stavanger, Norway

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Win98 and scandisk

Boot your system in DOS mode and run scandisk from there. Also go to your start button and select run, type msconfig, go to the startup tab and see if you have a program called findfast running. If so I would disable it during startup.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks much

by BarryVG In reply to Win98 and scandisk

Dos mode scandisk is something I do on all, with the /autofix /nosave switches. Ran fine. Don't normally load the FindFast function, but since this is Office 2k, forgot that it is a normal load in that app. Will try that. Did notice that the drive was running constantly today, with no one using it at all. BTW, I'll be swapping out the OS with Winnt. Again, thanks. If you get to Stuttgart, have a Stuttgarter HofBrau (Fest version) for me.

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Success at last

by BarryVG In reply to Thanks much

Using Norton Utilities 2000, the test determined a partition table problem. Ran Partition Magic and split the drive into two logicals 7000/3000. Reran all utilities and then Scandisk, which now ran like it should.

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