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We have one Windows 98 computer that is running proprietary software for die cutting foam. The user works in a building about 100 yards away and walks over whenever he needs to work on this computer. Moving it is not a possibility and upgrading it would cost upwards of $12k, so that's not happening either.

I set up the main work folder on the 98 box as a share. Then created a user account and password for this user to go into the WORKGROUP and access the share and copy/paste files into it. I can see the 98 PC and the share in My Network Places, but when I try to open it, get a login prompt. The user name and password are correct...

username: atom\emastrocola
password: atom98

as created on the 98 box. But then I get an error saying the login credentials are wrong. There was a password I had to create on the shared folder itself, which I made "atom98" also to avoid confusion.

Any ideas on how to get this working?

Oh, and I was originally using VNC Free edition to remote in. But starting the VNC Service on the 98 box brought up a registry error, saying a certain registry key was not proper length (2). What that means I have no clue.

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User level vs share level security

by Churdoo In reply to windows 98 share

On win98, you have the choice of specifying user level or share level security; the default is share level. Share level security means that whatever password you specify when you create the share, is the only credential you need to connect the share, regardless of username. Also, if I remember right, win98 does not understand the DOMAIN\USERNAME convention as it only understands local users.

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