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    Windows 98 winsvrc.exe missing


    by komal1 ·

    Suddenly In windows 98 client, I received a message ” Missing file winsvrc.exe to open windows application” . I felt the system is affected by virus. But there is no virus. How can i get that file to run windows 98 smoothly

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      Solution to your winsvrc.exe

      by jlouis45 ·

      In reply to Windows 98 winsvrc.exe missing

      well go to your start programs accessories system information and in that you have tools under tools click on system file checker. In that you have one option called extract a file from the installation disk. and this would solve the problem. Well if it doesnt then go to the manual way. Find the error as to what it says. Like it would say file missing from so and so place. Either reinstall the thing or you can copy the file to windows system directory reboot and the probelm is solved.

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        winsvrc.exe solution failed

        by mrmwhiterose ·

        In reply to Solution to your winsvrc.exe

        I have encountered the same problem. I tried the solution adn received the error while trying to run the system file check. is there any other solution.

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      winsvrc.exe fix

      by jerryrbp ·

      In reply to Windows 98 winsvrc.exe missing

      had the same problem with a salesman computer, it’s caused by a virus. You can find the fix at

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        by jeremyho76 ·

        In reply to winsvrc.exe fix

        This is caused by the Navidad virus, which means Christmas in Spanish apparently. I got infected by the virus myself. I’m assuming your virus scanner is up to date but as you would already know, virus scanners are often reactive in the sense that itcan only detect viruses that are known.

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        winsvrc.exe Worm virus

        by johnmetz ·

        In reply to winsvrc.exe fix

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