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Windows 98 won't boot

By mdkellar ·
computer was running defrag. thought it was finished. shut it down correctly. now realize no information on defrag results shown. when computer restarted windows 98 startup menu appeared saying windows has detected a registry configuration error. choose command prompt only and run scanreg. was told there was a corrupted file and name changed to dir00001. this happened repeatedly so i stopped the scanreg. after restarting computer many times i found out about scanreg/restore and scanreg/fix. restore just brings up screen where it says it's searching for system files. nothing else happens. fix looks at user.dat, it's ok then looks at system.dat and stops. couldn't find the system.dat file so i replaced it with the system.1st. tried to start in safe mode and get while initializing device vkd windows protection error. keyboard is working ok. tried to do a step by step boot. bootlog.txt, config.sys,, dblbuff.sys, and ifshlp.sys are all ok. when it asks to load the windows graphical user interface get scandisk cannot read from the lst cluster on drive c, this cluster is either damaged or your system is not configured properly. then it asks to load all window drivers. windows 98 logo comes up and computer locks up. have run surface scan partially. when it's about 40% through get there is a damaged cluster. tell it to fix it. have already fixed 4 groups of clusters in a row. also the last 2 groups of clusters on drive c are already marked as bad. there is alot of information on this computer that i would like to save. don't have any disks or cds for this computer. it's a gateway e1800. it was giving me problems before freezing up or having bad clusters. have another older computer with windows 98. can i make a boot disk from it and use it? will it cause me to lose all my data? looked at the dir c and there are alot of files there including the dir00001 thru 68. there is also a sysbckup created the day after the crash. please help.

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by BFilmFan In reply to Windows 98 won't boot

Appears that the hard disk has crashed. You will most likely have to send it out to a data recovery company.

In order to see if you can get at your data, reinstall Windows 98. If you can at least get it to boot and start, you could move your data to CD's.

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by dmiles In reply to Windows 98 won't boot

To save the data from the hard drive,you may want to see the TR article 200 ways to fix a hard drive

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by dmiles In reply to

Set the jumper setting on the new drive to master,then set the jumper on the old drive to slave,insert the ribbon cable on drives if the drives are detected then you can open Explorer,right click the file folders,drag to new drive and click copy from the menu.
The Operating System has to loaded on the new drive

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Windows 98 won't boot

i am so sorry but think like bfilmfan that you have bad hard disk. and agree that if data really valuable send to recovery place. will cost hundreds. otherwise let it run scandisk through with auto fix, until done. sounds like head crashed and you got several big hunks missing from drive. you get back what you get back. even a drive recovery place can't get back data from destroyed media so who knows.
hard disk failure like this is still number one cause of data loss. maybe next pc consider spare drive and mirror it to main drive?

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by OTL In reply to Windows 98 won't boot

Slave HD on the other Win 98 and get as much data off the failing HD as fast as possible (HD to HD is fastest way), this option would be much less expensive than sending it out for data recovery. The less time it is powered up the better your chances for a full recovery of the data.

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by mdkellar In reply to Windows 98 won't boot

How do I Slave HD on the other Win 98 and get as much data off the failing HD as fast as possible (HD to HD is fastest way)?

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by fanku In reply to Windows 98 won't boot

Click Start -- Run

type scanreg /restore

this will solve ur problem...

if not way copy your important Data
and format PC and reinstall operating system

good luck

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