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Windows 98 wont load

By leed ·
well thats not entirly true, Win98 starts up (i get the blue screen with the Windows logo and Windows 98 under it) but then it comes up with the Windows 98 Startup Wizard and asks for my name and CD-Key.

Why is this suddenly coming up, I was using the computer, it was running slow so i restarted it and now i get what i said above.

If i enter the CD-Key and im guessing it will try and install Windows, will i lose everything on the Hard-Drive? And is there any way around this.

Many Thanks

Lee Daniels

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Firstly you should have placed this on the Q & A section

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Windows 98 wont load

That way you will get an auto generated response every time someone answers and most likely someone in your time zone will be able to offer some help.

But to your question Yes Windows 98 most likely will try to reinstall itself but you should keep most of your data intact as Windows should only overwrite its existing area of the disk. Now that's the theory but it might not quite work that way and maybe Windows will even accept your user name and Product Key and just get on with itself though I personally wouldn't trust it.

To be safe if you haven't backed up all your important data you can remove the HDD and place it in another computer running Windows and transfer all your data across to another HDD or partition on a different HDD it will still be there but Windows isn't running. The easiest way to perform this data transfer is to place the HDD on the secondary IDE channel and then on the Master side of it as well. If the BIOS doesn't auto detect any HDD then you'll have to go into the BIOS and change the drive listed but it is a simple thing to do and at least you'll keep all of your important data. Remember to not only backup documents but also all your e-mail and address book as well as your favorites list that way you'll be able to recover with the minimum amount of time lost.


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