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Windows 98se Continuously Reboots

By ipjunkie ·
This one is a little long, sorry in advance :)

Ok, here are the specs of my system:

AMD Athlon Classic 900 Mhz SlotA
Chaintech CT-7ATA with Via KX133 Chipset
Different BIOS flashes make no difference
64 MB PC100 RAM
UDMA/66 20 gig IBM Hard drive
ATI Radeon 32 Meg DDR - not sharing any IRQs
300 Watt Enlight PS
PCI Ethernet Card

Ok, here's what?s going on: I do a clean install of Win98SE, it does the initial setup, with the Time Zone and setting up control panel, etc. Then it is finished with the setup and restarts.

When I can see the mouse pointer and the windows background, it reboots. It keeps doing this continuously. Keep in mind; this is BEFORE I have even loaded any extra drivers.

Here is EXACTLY what I do to get around it:
There is a REGISTRY value that Windows98 keeps adding:
"Capabilities=14 00 00 00"
Pardon me if I didn't get the syntax right, but that's a Binary value. If I delete this value, I can start windows normally. BUT windows keeps adding this value!

Once I boot into windows, the system is stable and passes BCM diagnostics and SiSoft Sandra Diags also, so I am doubtful this is a hardware problem.

I have also installed ALL the latest drivers for EVERYTHING in this system. AND All the Win98 patches/updates there are that might help that I am aware of.

Any ideas? I know there are issues with this chipset and Win98se but I would like to find out if there is a work around.

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Windows 98se Continuously Reboots

by dmiles In reply to Windows 98se Continuously ...

Run diagnostic by typing in MSCONFIG from the run command,first uncheck box next to your anti-virus and also run the anti-virus to check system
now check to see if the cpu is overheating,this will cause rebooting
Check the memory modules to make sure none are bad
check the video drivers,and make sure that they are updated

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Windows 98se Continuously Reboots

by ipjunkie In reply to Windows 98se Continuously ...

Diagnostic startup makes no difference. CPU temp is running around 95 degrees. Right now I've had this system up for 8 hours straight. It isn't an overheating problem. I'm not running any anti-virus.

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Windows 98se Continuously Reboots

by ipjunkie In reply to Windows 98se Continuously ...

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