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Windows 98se Icon Cache

By AnswerMan ·
I get an occasional flash of the desktop icons, losing their artwork, then coming back. A while back I heard that is due to an overful icon cache. I have searched the registry for this... I cannot find it.

Second, my folders (or folders within the folders) do not "stay" at the "list" setting. Upon reboot (roughly 5-8 times per day in 98), they all go back to "full size"..... I heard that is somehow connected to the Icon Cache setting.

Is that the problem? If so, where do I find this elusive thing, and how do I empty it?

thanks in advance.

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by DKlippert In reply to Windows 98se Icon Cache



It's a hiiden file in the Windows folder

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by TheChas In reply to Windows 98se Icon Cache

Icon Cache is NOT a registry setting.

It is a Windows System file.

The file can become corrupted.

To rebuild the file, you need to delete it, and re-boot Windows.

You may need to boot to DOS in order to delete it.

As to your folder settings, you sometimes need to close using file / close rather than the "X" to have all settings properly saved.

If you are re-booting a W98 system 5 - 8 times a day, I suspect that you have other system problems.

Among them, is the fact that the registry grows over time, and can become large enough to make the system unstable.

While the time varies from 6 months to 2 years, the best way to clean up your system may be to wipe the drive and start over.
Keep in mind, that there are known problems with some Windows Updates and W98.
In particular, IE 6 and DirectX 9 can cause a number of strange behaviors if your video driver does not support DirectX 9.

You can try registry utilities such as Norton Win Doctor and V-Com Fix-It.
You can also run sfc (System File Checker) from the run box to check for missing or corrupt system files.


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by AnswerMan In reply to Windows 98se Icon Cache

ShellIconCache is NOT in my Windows System folder....? Could that be the problem? If it rebuilds it each time I reboot (several times per day) then does it rebuild it to default to the "Large Icons" setting? If so, is there a way to change that default so that "List" is the one that reboot brings?

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by AnswerMan In reply to Windows 98se Icon Cache

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