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Windows 98SE Installation Disk Needed

By laurieennd ·
I have lost my Windows 98SE disk and I need to reinstall it. I have the product key code. Is there a way to do this without the CD?

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I don't think there is

by Jeli In reply to Windows 98SE Installation ...

Not sure if it can be done, would like to know if there is a way. I do have an old installation disc you can have if you want.

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Wow, You would do that!

by laurieennd In reply to I don't think there is

You're sweet to offer that. When I first turn the computer on, it tells me that it can't find vnetsup.vxd, or dfs file. Then it says another thing about the dynamic library. Windows is on the computer, but somehow I can't find it. My husband, who think he knows what he doing, done this to the computer. He messed up a $1500 brand new laptop and another desktop too. I am keeping him far away from anymore of my computers. The reason I want to get this one computer up and running is for my 9-year old daughter so that she may be able to look things up for school.

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If you just need to do research

by jdclyde In reply to Wow, You would do that!

go with a linux distro. They are now fully graphical, and if you download and install Open Office she will have an Office clone for writing papers for school.

The linux is a free download as is the openoffice.

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Need CD

by TheChas In reply to Windows 98SE Installation ...

You need the CD. Or, a CD from the same distribution of Windows 98.

You should be able to use a borrowed CD, but it MUST be for the same version of W98. OEM, Retail, Upgrade, SE.

Even then, I suspect that there is more than 1 'run' of each version with different sets of product keys.

Worst case, you can use the key for the borrowed version and then change the key to your key after Windows is installed.


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Not always the case

by Jeli In reply to Need CD

I have never had to use the original OEM CD on any repair installation. As long as you have the original key, any CD will repair or reinstall the OS. As long as it is the same type OS. In most cases it is best to format the drive then do a clean install. This will help with any other problems that could be there and not known about.

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